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Emergency Alert

Campus is closed

Campus is closed today, Tuesday, Aug. 11, because there is no electricity. Strong winds yesterday brought down trees, limbs and power lines on campus, and throughout the Quad Cities. To reach the Augustana switchboard & police/public safety call 309-794-7711. 


Society of 1860

The Society of 1860 (2018-19) recognizes donors whose cumulative lifetime giving to any designation achieves the level of $250,000 to $499,999.

Anonymous (9)
Blake and Darcy Anderson
Dr. Raynor ’48 and Dagmar Appell
Gordon and Frances J. Aspengren
Michal Brunell
Marjorie Buhmann
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Calvert
Paul E. P. Carlson
Dr. Ann and Samuel Charters
Evelyn Crist
Dorothy Deisenroth
Victor and Dorothy Ganzer
Hunt and Diane Harris
Diane Gustafson Hill '66
Douglas M. and Nancy Reed Hultquist
Dr. Larry P. Jones
Fred A. Kahlke
John and Lolly Kindschuh
The Rev. Gary '67 and Christine LaCroix
Marilyn W. Laros
Russel and Gloria Larson
Eric V. Lindberg
Arthur and Dorothy Lundahl
Thomas C. and Mollie P. Montgomery
Evelyn E. Nicholson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. (Nancy) Nyberg
George and Pat Olson
Harriet Smith Olson
Kurt and Lynette Skow '87 Rasmussen
Mr. J. Adam Reinemund
J. Patrick and Nancy B. Ross
Christopher '80 and Laura Seyfarth
Howard and Faye Shippee
Eleanor Liljedahl Snyder
Elaine Idstrom & John C. Spellmeyer, MD, FACR
Beatrice L. Swanson
Robert and Pamela Swieringa
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Tsui
Marlene A. Wager
Thomas F. Weigand