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Emergency Alert

Campus is closed

Campus is closed today, Tuesday, Aug. 11, because there is no electricity. Strong winds yesterday brought down trees, limbs and power lines on campus, and throughout the Quad Cities. To reach the Augustana switchboard & police/public safety call 309-794-7711. 


The Presidents Society

The Presidents Society giving circles recognize total annual giving between July 1, 2018, and June 30, 2019, to any designation at the college. Circles are as follows:
C.W. Sorensen Circle: $50,000+
Conrad Bergendoff Circle: $25,000-$49,000
Gustav Andreen Circle: $10,000-$24,999
Olof Olsson Circle: $5,000-$9,999
T.N. Hasselquist Circle: $2,500-$4,999
Lars Esbjörn Circle: $1,000-$2,499
Young Alumni Circle (graduated within the last 10 years): $500+

*denotes deceased

C.W. Sorensen Circle
Anonymous (6)
Kenny and Susan Nelson '76 Abrams
Wiley '82 and Lisa Adams
Blake and Darcy Anderson
Keith and Eileen Carpenter
Julie K. Hamann '82 Elliott
Cynthia and Murry '75 Gerber
Paul '60 and Patricia Nellans '60 Guehler
Diane Gustafson Hill '66
Terry '67 and Cheryl Janssen '67 Klocke
Eric V. Lindberg
John '62 and Mary Thorson '62 Lucken
John '80 and Tammy Bissman '81 Murabito
Kurt and Lynette Skow '87 Rasmussen
Elaine Idstrom and John C. Spellmeyer, MD, FACR
Dean M. Wilkinson '69

Conrad Bergendoff Circle
Anonymous (2)
Bruce K. Anderson '61
Steven and Jane Easter Bahls
Dr. Ann Boaden '67
Michal Brunell
A. Scott Bushey
Dean Christensen
Diane Edmund '62 Griffin
M. Brent Gustafson '70
Hunt and Diane Harris
Reverend Paul A. and Christine Mathson Holmer
Douglas M. and Nancy Reed Hultquist
Thomas H. Johnson '69 and Nancy J. Johnson
The Rev. Gary '67 and Christine LaCroix
Zac '01 and Kristin Larson
David F. and Nancy Swanson Moe
Norm and Janet Moline
The Reverend Karl J. and Kathy Neuman Nelson
George and Pat Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Don Punswick
L.J. and Doreen Lamere Sartor
Christopher '80 and Laura Seyfarth
Marilyn I. Smilie '67 and Frederick Radloff
Thomas F. Weigand
Russell Wheeler '65
Xianmin Zhu '87 and Da De Hong '86

Gustav Andreen Circle
Anonymous (3)
Erica Wahlstrom '49 Adams
Ronald B. '56 and *Nancy A. Wolfe '56 Anderson
Donna Gord Arbaugh
Dr. Richard Arnell
Mary Ann and Paul Bengtson '65
Dr. Thomas E. Bengtson
Fran and Don '77 Berg
J.K. Billman, Jr., M.D.
Philip '77 and Nancy Bergman '77 Bowden
Timothy L. Bridge, M.D.
Elaine Nestander '47 Brolander
Stan '63 and Sally Jo Lovelace '63 Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Calvert
K. Vinje and K.V. Dahl
Dale F. Eck
Loryann M. Eis '60
Dr. Karl Espelie '67
Deb Gammon
Alice and Richard Godfrey
Donald Graham
Brent and Linda Mezger Gwaltney
J. Mark Harrington and Jane C. Harrington
Bill and Ruth Anne Erickson Hartman
Dr. Nils* and Ann Hasselmo
Pamela D. Hegg
Dr. Kenneth '62 and Mrs. Marilyn Palmer '62 Hofstetter
Irene Jinks '53
Suzanne Jobin '97 Farrell and Paul Farrell
Joyce Jobson
Bruce D. Johnston
Kathleen '64 and Eugene Jongsma
Mrs. Mary E. Junck and Mr. Ralph Gibson
Robert '65 and Karol Hein '65 Karlblom
John* and Lolly Kindschuh
Lois Kemp Klimstra
Drs. Millicent Knight and Harvey Echols
Karen Kordisch '69
F. Axtell Kramer, Jr.
Marlette Swenson Larsen
Tom and Tracy Leach
Daniel E. and Ruth J. Lee
Reverend Muriel Lippert
Tab and Katie McGinley
Gale and Janice J. Lindvall Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J.B. Mitchell, Jr.
Dick '56 and Lucia '58 Moore
Dr. Lois Levine Mundie
Calvin Peterson*
Dr. Lawrence* and Janet Pohlmann
The Honorable William S. Posten, Sr.* and Mrs. Pauline A. Posten
Dr. Douglas B. Reeves
Dave and Jeanne Rydell
Phil '60 and Barb Salstrom
J. Rick Sandway '68
Mark F. Saran
Mark and Debbie Schwiebert
Lee S. Selander '72
Tony and Joyce L. Singh
Karen Tracy '64 Sutherland
Mrs. David W. Swanson
Mrs. Janet Swanson
Sharon L. Telleen
Bruce and Kelly Tieves
Larry '63 and Jane Tschappat
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Tsui
Dr. John E. Warme
Gary and Maryfaith Greenhalgh Weiss
John '65 and Marcia Anderson '66 Wetzel
Christine Linder '69 White and Richard L. White
Trevor and Margaret Will
Richard and Mary Woods
Lester R.* and Marianne Martinson Woodward
Karl and Beth Zobrist

Olof Olsson Circle
Anonymous (3)
Annette Jones Anderson
Bob '80 and Wendy Anderson
Kirk '93 and Catherine '93 Anderson
Honorable Thomas '71 and Helen, Ph.D. '72 Appleton
W. Kent and Jennie Barnds
Greg and Vicki Bednar
Don and Mary Lee* Benson
Dr. Donna C. Bergen and Dr. Thomas Madden
William B. Bondeson
Dr. Alan and Peggy Bridges
Nathan Brostrom
James W. Collinson
Phil and Marla Novak Corkill
Chris and Melanie Coulter
Dr. Arnold and Christine Cowan
Linda Lefstein Cutler
Jack and Diane Swenson Ekstrom
Morton and Dorothy Eliason
Penny Van Riet Fulkerson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Giron
Margaret Ann Gros '18
Dr. William Gros '77
William D. Hannan
Thomas and Wanda Hanson
Dr. Frederick Hemke* and Junita Borg Hemke
James '55 and Carol '57 Horstmann
Dr. David and Peg Iglehart
Alan and Kathy Anderson Janicek
Donald A. '53 and Frances Slaymaker '56 Johnson
Doris J. Johnson '53
Mark and Lisa Koenig Johnson
Ross and Esther Johnson
Nancy J. Johnston*
Dan and Maryanne Jones
Natalie M. Kessler '92
Terrence D. Kirkpatrick
Ken '67 and Sherry Esposito '68 Kuehnle
James '67 and Judith Anderson '67 Kuhagen
Mrs. Leanne Magnuson Latuda
Robert F. Lundin
Rachel Bergeson M.D., Brian Margolis M.D.
Sonya Eiben '85 Mariano
Larry Milash
George D. and Dalette V. Miller
Caroline Kerstin Nelson
Keith '66 and Ann Schafer '67 Nelson
Mr. Peter Nichols
Dennis Norling
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. (Nancy) Nyberg
Jacob '13 and Jane Nagle '13 O'Rourke
Scott W. Petersen
Greg and Dr. Christine Petty
Dr. Gail J. Richard
Dr. & Mrs. Michael (Karen M. Olson-Class of 1968) Roloff
Mary Johnson '68 Sauer
Jeff '85 and Judy Scarpinato
Carl and Kathy Schneider
Michael and Rita Schnell
Leo Schubert and Susan Sharar
Susan Grimes Sherwin
Paul '58 and Barbara Jo Spong
Sandra E. Stoit
Kathryn Finke Storm
Annette Sherbeyn and Sunder Subbaroyan
John Sutherland, M.D. '58
Kathryn Volz
Charles R. and Nancy L. Frank von Maur
Gordon and Patricia Warren
Al Westman
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Younggren

T.N. Hasselquist Circle
Anonymous (9)
Dick and Marilyn Alberding
Joanne Bannon '85
Dr. Andrew and Jennifer Voigts Bartlett
Kathleen Bentler
Craig and Annette Burlingame '74 Bolt
Joseph and Amy Jegerski Bovi
Joyce Brackman
Arne Brage
Robert and Carol Shannon Brockhouse
Dr. Joy C. Bunt
Dr. Erik Burgwald '89
Reverend and Mrs. Michel D. Clark
John and Cynthia Coy
Dr. Ralph Cram
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry Cubbage
Mr. and Mrs. Barron W. Curtis
Richard and Marilee Abbott Davies
John and Julie Maring Dreixler
Charlie '01 and Tracy Drost
Robert Barrow and Carla Edlefson '68
Dr. Daniel Culver and Dr. Janina Ehrlich
Glen* and Pam Erickson
Thomas Erickson, M.D.
Ann Schwiebert Evans
Nathan '00 and Sara Kruse '99 Fierce
Dr. Patrick Fitzgerald '98
Steven Gibble '78
William R. Glave
Mr. Matthew Glendon
Dr. and Mrs. Glen Glista
Miss Ann K. Grimm
Drs. George '69 & Lillian Gruenwald '69 Hallberg
Blake and Theresa Harrop
Eric and Gail Hengst
Mark '06 and Lauren Martin '06 Hill
Dr. Wendy Hilton-Morrow '94 and Dr. Jay Morrow
Arleen Hieber '65 Hitchcock
Mrs. Mary Ann Hoare
Matthew Howard '96
Mohammed A. Hussain '87
Dr. Thomas '80 and Nancy Isaacson
Anne Gibbon Johnson
Rodney '58 and Kathy Johnson
Shelly Johnson '56
Thomas M. Johnson
Bruce and Lisa Clarke Kaldheim
Teresa B. Kamphaus
Dr. Paul A. Karazija '83
Caroline Kimple
Mrs. Carol Kopriwa
Kelly Kraft
Pamela Larson Mathews
Adele Stone Lindberg
David and Darlene Holst Link
Barbara K. Lundblad
Dr. Mariano and Mrs. Cecilia Magalhaes
John and Wanda Malvik
Olav '74 and Joanne Malvik
Dr. Dave Markward
Terry J. and Linda DeDoncker McClain
J. Spencer Miller
Butch '78 and Mary Jo Necastro
Ben and Gay Nefzger
Grace '82 and Brent '81 Nelson
Catherine Schiermer '52 Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Novak
Dr. Paul and Jeanne Donstad Olsen
Nancy Parker Oppedal
Michael and Beth O'Shea
Don Pearson '84
Bruce L. Peterson
Neal Peterson '66
Bob and Jacquie '59 Pianalto
Cal '69 and Patricia Handeland '70 Pierson
Elizabeth Pollock
Lawrence and Lorra Lemke Prabhakar
George F. Prescott
Steven and Cynthia Pressly
Reverend Richard Priggie and Ms. Janice Harpest
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Pritchard
Rick and Sue Fleischman '79 Rector
Mrs. Maurice A. Reed
William '85 and Lori Ridlbauer '86 Roderick
Martha L. Rolf
Dr. Norman and Wendy Carlsen Schroeder
Henry '69 and Nancy Schwabauer
Michael and Elaine Aiken Seevers
Rich and Ruth Shemitis
Reverend Dr. and Mrs. John H. Siefken, Jr.
Edmund and Ellen Siegert
Norma Nordberg Smith
William J. Steciak
David Stenberg '77 and Janis Machala '77
Lloyd Stivers
Philip and Ann Storm
Don and Martha Sundquist
Joann Swanson Basila
Kai and Jenni Swanson
Lorian Sundelius Swanson
Keith Toms. '02
Mary Scollay '80 Ward
C. Dana and Faye Waterman
Brad '71 and Jo Ann Gowing '71 Weir
Dr. and Mrs. Walter W. Whisler, Jr.
Doug '80 and Karen Paulus '79 Williams
Dr. Karin L. Youngberg
Mary Zeltmann '69
Dr. Mark Zoran

Lars Esbjörn Circle
Anonymous (27)
Ellen Abrahamson '60
Daniel '87 and Laura Golden '87 Allen
Mary Alter
Martha Andeen
Ms. C. Linnea Anderson
Darryl '68 and Karen Walker Anderson
Dwayne '78 and Pam Kragness '82 Anderson
F. Bruce Anderson
Jeffrey '77 & Mary Jo Grothusen '77 Anderson
Mr. John A. Anderson
John I. Anderson
Dr. Louise E. Anderson
Merv K. Anderson
Mr. Norman Anderson
Pamela Anderson '69
Sidney '80 and Cindy Bell '81 Anderson
Dr. Wallace and Mrs. April Anderson
Karl and Julia Arbaugh
Drs. Amir and Lisa Brothers Arbisser
Charles Arp
Stacy Austin '91 Li
Mrs. William J. Barnds
Elizabeth Barnett
Zack '98 and Britt Peterson '00 Bartels
Leah Gonigam Baskin and Dr. William Baskin
Jeffrey '01 and Keri Droegmiller '00 Bass
Lynn Batcher
Susan Baumann '95 Berley
Carol Bax
Fred and Marlene Stumpf Bayer
Kirk '87 and Julie Setchell '87 Bednar
Joy Behrens '71
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Bell
Victor '63 and Gail Alexander '65 Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Benson
Mrs. Marijean Berg
Tom and Melanie Berg
Reverend Glenn and Marilynn Gilchrist Bergmark
Mark and Nancy Blaser
Bob and Julie Blew
Dr. and Mrs. Craig L. Blomberg
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Bluemle
Jacob Bobbitt '09
John Boettcher '78
Marilyn Nelson Bohman
Gregory '69 and Deborah Bonnett
Carol J. Borden
Dr. M. Jane Borelli
Dr. Deborah and Tom Bracke
Howard and Ruth Braren
James '68 and Sandra Breck
Daniel Bredberg
Wes and Kelly Brooks
Mrs. Carol Brown
Thomas and Carolyn Hindman Brown
Karen Burks
J.E. Butler
Alex Cahill
Mrs. Nancy Califf
Shaun Callighan '08
Duncan and Dianne Lewis '86 Cameron
Susan Postmus '74 Carbone
Mrs. Nancy Carlmark
Ingrid L. Carlson
Dr. Norman A. Carlson
Brenda White '81 Carter
Lisa and Steve Carter
Janet Cazel '76
Drs. Arthur '94 and Kelly Check
Dr. Kurt Christoffel
Rebecca Christoffel and Andrew Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Christoffersen (Doris Simpson)
Dan ’65 and Jan Churchill
Andrew '95 and Kara Turner '94 Clark
Brian J. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Clauson
Jeffrey and Paulette Clements
Christine McWhinney Coats
George and Nancy Coin
Joel Cooperrider
Nancy and Kent Cornish
Dr. Daniel and Kimberly Corts
Jeff and Anne Cozad
Christopher and Sheri Curran
Thomas '82 and Merilee Curran
Sue and Dan Daluga
John Davies
Dan '77 and Kathy Davis
Noel DeKalb '59
David '82 and Helena Csoke '83 Devore
Ronald* and Jo Anne Dixon
John B. Donovan
Dr. Thomas Doran
Beth J. and George T. Drost
Jerry and Steve Drucker
Stephen and Janet Holm Dunn
Naomi Durant
Matthew and Kristin Adamson Dutton
Wes and Nikki Dyke
Paul and Beverly Eckert
Dale and Melinda Egeberg
Mark and Wendy Einsweiler
Kyle Ekberg '09 and Aleeza Singh
Kent and Katherine Anderson Eklund
Carl and Charlene Engstrom
Dr. Don Erickson
John H. Erickson
Dr. Kurt and Ginny Erickson
Nancy and John Erickson
Dr. Thomas Evensen and Janice K. Evensen
Lynne Rosenbohm '62 Ewan
Polly Fehlman
Mr. Michael Richard and Dr. S. A. Fenwick
Karen Johnson Fields
Roland and Karen Filippi
Robert Flynn '12
Christopher '86 and Laura Cutrer '86 Ford
Donald and Maureen Moore '69 Ford
Patti Forsythe '95
Rich and Connie Frankenfeld
Paul and Gail Swanson Frost
Jennifer L. Gallas
Brad Garrett '97
Mr. and Mrs. David Gellerman
Barbara Geske
Meghan Ginn '08
John '83 and Becky Hinrichs '84 Glimco
Antoinette Golden '08 Blake
Dr. Darrin '87 and Diana Hill '89 Good
Daniel Gottschling
Mr. and Mrs. Cary A. Gramsch
Bill and Marvel Ingram Green
Lois F. Gresholdt
Reverend and Mrs. Tom Grevlos
Cheryl Thompson Groetsema
Gary '66 and Anna Mae Eckstrom '68 Gronert
Ronald and Beverly Gunderson
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Guse
Judith Gustafson
Linda E. Gustavson, Ph.D.
John F. Gustofson
Randall Haeflinger '06
Cathy and Richard Hagglund
Dr. Naomi Hahn '70
Mr. Forrest A. Hainline III
Reverend and Mrs. Donald M. Hallberg
Mrs. Carolyn Hamilton
Dr. Bruce and Mary Hamming
Drs. Edward and Nancy Anderson Hamming
Lisa Hargreaves
Nils Peter and Donna Hasselmo
Mr. Philip Hasz
Susan Hay
Paul '67 and Jane Johnson '67 Hayes
Donald J. and Louise Taylor Heath
Ross B. Heath
Thomas Heiman
Sue Hulsen Heine
Dr. Dale A. Herbeck
Cecilia, Kevin and Claire Herdegen
Dr. Pam & Roger J. Hill
Mrs. Maj-Britt Hilstrom
Shawne Hite '90 Nyugen
William and Kristen R. Schroeder Hochmuth
Daniel Hoffenkamp '99
Mrs. R. Josef Hofmann
Elizabeth Hofsas
Professor Cynthia Hogue
Cynthia Dickow '89 Holas
Reverend Dr. Mark and Linnea Holmer
Ardo and Carolyn Whitcomb Holmgrain
Drs. Cynthia and William Hoover
Gary and Cathy Larson '69 Hoover
Dr. Marilyn J. Hoover
Kurt J. and Deborah A. Horberg
John '07 and Amanda Lukasik '06 Hughes
Don '79 and Betteann Hultgren
Nancy Humphrey '77 Van Der Linden
Patrick Hunt '02
Reverend David Hurty and Dr. Kathleen Hurty
Jon and Sonja Hurty
Roberta and Joseph Immel
Paul and Karen Schultz '68 Jacobson
Dr. Kathy Jakielski and Mr. David Yordy
Benjamin T. Jenkins '13
Rich Jensen '74 and Beth Goodrich
Jerry '68 and Judy '71 Johansen
Steve and Sue Johns
Elaine and Matthew Moy Johnson
Frank K. and Nancy A. Johnson
Hagard and Marion Johnson
Ms. Juliann K. Johnson
Olof '62 and Caran Hylander '68 Johnson
Ruth Rogness Johnson
Steve and Nancy Johnson
Susan and Terrill Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Tim Johnson
Virginia Johnson and Dr. Donald Peterson '51
Gary and Wendy Johnston
Dr. Kenneth Johnston
Collis Jones '88
Connie R. Jones '81
Thomas and Wanda Sandeen Jones
Nick and Amy Juknelis
Esther Kaetzel '70
Cathy Berge Kakuska
Bob and Jan Kallberg
Kenneth Keeney
Rev. Dennis '76 and Mary Salemi '76 Kelly
Jennifer and Bill Kempiners
Dr. Jonathan and Dr. Julie Kern
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kilbride
Jack Kindschuh '75
Peter and Gayle Kindschuh
Patricia Cole King
Frank H. Kirchner, M.D.
Max C. Kirkeberg
Rev. Christina Garrett '08 and Keith Klein
Mrs. Glenda Klein
Dr. John F. and Claudia L. Langhorst Knutson
Katie and Tim Koll '10
Dr. James Kopel
Lowell and Marilyn Bjork '67 Kramme
Derrick and Linda M. Kraus
John Kreidle '82
Marko '88 Krpan & Sue Thompson-Krpan
Larry and Jane Ladwig
Richard '75 and Alyce LaFollette
Judith Kuehl '62 Lambert
Dr. Ross Lambert and Dr. Jill Brody
Dr. Donald and Karin Lanahan
Carl David '65 and Virginia '67 Landahl
Lillian Larson '68
Mildred Larson*
Rolf* and Linda Larson
Nancy and David Leaf
Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Lee
Michael and Valerie Tatlock Lee
Janella Lentz
Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Lindberg
James and Kay Karlson Lindblade
Bob and Sandy Lindstrom
Susan McSweeney '92 Lisle
Clayton '69 and Jan Swanstrom '69 Lloyd
Marcia Lofdahl '57
Dr. Marvin and Elaine M. Rauhut Lofquist
Mr. Erick and Dr. Meg Grim Loven 
Lloyd H. and Jean* Lundberg
Dianne Lundeen
Gregg R. and Donna Brabec Lundeen
Dr. James '68 and Martha Killinger '68 Lundeen
Richard and Sherry Lundell
Mr. Robert K. Lyle
James and Jeralee Matthews '63 Mannhardt
Joseph and Carolyn Martin
Peter and Susan Marty
John Matthews '72
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Maurus
Diane McCann
Karen McCarthy
Philip Wm. McKinley and David A. Manning
Donald '55 and Patricia McLaughlin
Rodney and Amanda McNeill
Matt and Mindy McSparin
Jack and Anne Merriman
Jerry and Margaret Miller
William J. Miller '99 and Lucy Anello '00 Miller
Robert D. and Beverly Mitchum
Polly Corbin '63 Mittag
Charles and Karla Olander Moline
Dr. William Moorcroft '66
Mrs. Diann Moore
Kristiana Gustafson '83 Moynihan
Russell and Nancy Salen '61 Mueller
George Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Myers
Robin A. Natzke
Dr. Kevin '84 and Karen Horstmann '84 Nelson
Dr. Paul and Jennifer Nelson
Ms. Thera Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Ward T. Nelson
Henry and Linda Neuman
Eugene and Christina Benson '66 Nojek
David '84 and Julie Lundt '84 Nord
Dr. Annette Norsman
Frank and Roxanne Nowinski
Dr. Paul '79 and Mrs. Ellen '78 Obrock
Roger and Amy Ochs
Richard and Anitra Lindquist O'Connor
Janna Oetting '86 and Dan Huffman
Elizabeth Okeke-Von Batten '03
Mr. and Mrs. Mikel O'Klock
John and Julie Oliger
Mark and Steve Olson
Bob and Blenda Ontiveros
Dale and Angela Owen
Debbie and Jerry Park
Jo Parsons
David G. Patterson, D.O.
Reverend Dr. Leo and Linda Patterson
Melinda M. Pavek
Jean Pavela
Mr. Jay Pearce
Drs. Algene Pearson '65 & Mary Ellen Carlson '66 Pearson
Lisbeth Lindquist Pearson
Harry G. Pells
Irene Wiemers '74 Pendergast
Marcus and Connie Perry
Dr. Julia Pesavento '81
Mark D. and Karen M. Petersen
Alan H. and Dolores DeWolfe Peterson
Janet Carlson Peterson
Mrs. Jean E. Peterson
Mark Peterson
Martha L. Peterson
Mr. Peter Peterson
Ralph and Jean Aronson Peterson
Thomas Peterson
Michael '09 and Molly Pettis
Dr. Rob Pfaff and Dr. Kathy Parkison
Kathy and Jim Phelan
Mrs. Carol Phoenix
Kent and Judi Pilcher
John and Nancy Pouk
Myron W. and LaMona H. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Proesel
Zenon and Jean Przybylek
Drs. Farida and Mohamed Rajput
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Ramquist
Dr. Brigit Ray '07
Mrs. J. Natalie Ray
Norman and Esther Redelsheimer
Diane Reinsch
Linda Stoneberg Reiselt
Arthur and Faye Renkosiak
Nancy L. Rex '67
David E. Rhea '59
Dr. and Mrs. James Ribbeck
Michael and Kate Ricaurte
George '82 and Mary Richter
Paul and Barbara Bolling Rimington
Albert John Robinson*
Nancy McClure Rode and Clyde Rode
Carol Rolf
J. Patrick Ross
Gary and Linda Rowe
Dr. Laurie Runnerstrom '85
Darrin and Keri Rursch
Ellen Rye
Jesse Saar
Michael and Diane Sakach
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Sallee
Mr. Tom Schersten
Samuel F. Schlouch ‘10
Shirley E. "Benson" Schou
Linda K. Schroeder
Dr. and Mrs. Reid M. Schroeder
Ann Hauberg Scott
Julie and David Scott
Robert G. Scott
Thomas M. and Theresa Irey Scott
Miss Annette I. Seaberg
Whitney Sears '94 and Dave Goldner
William Serenius
Kyle Severson '09 & Clyde Andrew Walter '08
Reverend Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Shaner
Terry ’62 and Sandy ’65 Shockley
Mr. Braxton Showalter
Bryan and Colleen Donovan Sibthorp
Dick and Karen Sjolund
Edward '76 and Patricia Watson '77 Slininger
David Sloane
Diane and John Slover
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Slupianek
Steven '69 and Judy Johnson '69 Snow
Jonathan and Sarah Sprawka
William '77 and Carol '77 Standish
Matthew and Sarah Whitebread Stoodley
Barry and Anne Stoughton
Dr. Elizabeth '73 and Dr. Paul Stroble
Alan Strom
Dr. Michael Sturek
Anne Swanson
Eva Swanson '48
Kai and Jenni Swanson
Todd '00 and Carrie '00 Swanson
Tim and Diane Swiat
Robert and Pamela Swieringa
Bob and Mary Tallitsch
Bill and Pam Telleen
Jane A. Telleen and Richard Urban
Charles and Sarah Terhune
The Honorable and Mrs. James T. Teros
Louise and Wayne Thoreson
Dr. Craig and Patty Tillman
Dr. and Mrs. Perry Tuneberg
Mr. and Mrs. John W. VanSanten
Craig and Karen Breen Vogel
Jordan '09 and Jessica Hoyer '09 Voigt
Kevin and Christine Reich Waden
Brandon M. Wainwright '97, DDS and Amy C. Senh, DDS
Barbara Walberg
Barbara Walton
Jeff and Nancy Warner
Lee and Vicki Wassenhove
Mrs. John D. Watkins (Carol Ann Johnson)
Jessica Waytenick
Ben Wells
Brett Wessels '09
Fred and Martha Wetzel
Fred and Cathie Whiteside
Charles and Judith Markland '61 Whitmore
Tammara Dollenbacher '86 Wilcox and Kevin Wilcox
Tom and Kathy Wine
Craig Witte
Jonathan and Dr. Heather Minges Wols
Dr. Matthew Wols '90 & Amy Chester '89 Wols
Clifford R. Wood
Mr. J. Donald Wooten
Charles Young
Mary Jane Eck Young
Janet Kron Zage
Michael and Stacey Zapolski

Young Alumni Circle
Anonymous (2)
Jacob Bobbitt '09
Jay DeLuna '10
Kyle Ekberg '09 and Aleeza Singh
Robert Flynn '12
Jon K. '18 and Rita Oetken '99 Gustafson
Benjamin T. Jenkins '13
Katie and Tim Koll '10
Tim and Lindsey Bell '10 Mucha
Dana and Bobby Olson
Jacob '13 and Jane Nagle '13 O'Rourke
Dan '09 and Melissa Flowers '09 Pepper
Michael '09 and Molly Pettis
John '11 and Sheila Goodrich '11 Roggemann
Samuel F. Schlouch ‘10
Michael and Elaine Aiken Seevers
Kyle Severson '09 and Clyde Andrew Walter '08
Melissa Shore '11
Matthew Michael Somers '11 and Teresa Cech
Jordan '09 and Jessica Hoyer '09 Voigt
Brett Wessels '09
Patrick Zeunik '11