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Bell Tower Society

The Bell Tower Society (2018-19) recognizes donors whose cumulative lifetime giving to any designation achieves the level of $500,000 to $999,999.

Steven and Jane Easter Bahls
Raymond and June Benson
Dean Christensen
Alice and Richard Godfrey
Edward and Juliamarie Andreen '46 Grilly
Dr. Reynold Holmen '36
Harold '30 and Lizette Jaeke 
Lois M. Kransz '46 
Tom '83 and Tracy Leach 
Derek and Debra Lohrey
Frederick J. Lorenzen '51 
Michael and Linda Moss
John '80 and Tammy Bissman '81 Murabito
Dr. John and Lillian Paulson
Roger '49 and Elise H. Peterson 
Fred and Florence Rissing
Lee S. Selander '72
Terry ’62 and Sandy ’65 Shockley
David and Elizabeth Swanson
Dale Wahlstrom '42
Dr. Anna Wartman
Charles Wassberg
Lewis and Evelyn Wilson