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Digital Projects

Digital projects represent a very small sample of our entire collection.

American Union of Swedish Singers

This collection contains the official newsletter and journal, Musiktidning, for the group American Union of Swedish Singers, an umbrella organization for Swedish choirs in the United States and Canada.

Swedish American Genealogist

This quarterly journal is devoted to Swedish American biography, genealogy, and personal history. The journal was founded in 1981 by Nils William Olsson and is currently edited by Elisabeth Thorsell. This online collection is free to the public and contains issues published as recently as 2011. Contact to subscribe to current issues of Swedish American Genealogist.

Carl Lorimer and Mabel Anderson Letters

This collection contains correspondence between Carl Lorimer, a student at Augustana Theological Seminary in Rock Island, Illinois and Mabel Anderson, a teacher in Ottumwa, Iowa, from 1907-1911. This correspondence sheds light on how their friendship evolved into a courtship and marriage in 1911. Carl's letters depict his life as a seminary student and summer obligations with Lutheran churches. He was involved with the student Republicans and wrote for the student newspaper, The Observer. Mabel describes her work as a teacher, church activities, and encounters with common friends and family members. 

Swan Johnson and Josephine Peterson Letters

This collection contains correspondence between Swan Johnson, a student at the Augustana Theological Seminary in Rock Island, Illinois and Josephine Peterson of Swede Bend, Iowa. Their courtship was conducted through these letters. The couple married a few weeks after Swan was ordained in June, 1892. In his affectionate letters to Josephine, he vividly describes his studies and daily life at Augustana as well as travels to towns in the Midwest to deliver sermons. Josephine writes about her family, close friends, and daily life in Swede Bend, Iowa.