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Titles recently acquired by the Swenson Center

- Abbott Gianni, Rachel. The Scandinavian Immigrant Experience in Utah, 1850-1930. 2014. 

- Bergman, Klas. Land of Dreams: a reporter's journey from Sweden to America. 2013.  

- Ehrlander, Mary. Seventeen Years in Alaska: A Depiction of Life Among the Indians of Yakutat. University of Alaska Press, 2014.  

- Landgren, Bengt. Anton Blanck: litteraturhistoriker och publicist. Atlantis, 2013 

- Setterdahl, Lilly. True Immigrant Stories: the Swedes of Cleveland Ohio 1873-2013. Nobel-Monitor Lodge No 130 of Vasa Order of America, 2014.

- Voolich, Erica Dakin. A Ring and a Bundle of Letters: an immigrant's story and the family's stories back home with genealogical information on Eric Helsten's family., 2013.

- Waldenström, Paul Peter. Squire Adamsson: or where do you live? Pietisten, 2014

- Williams, Kim-Eric. New Sweden on the Delaware: a photographic tour of the historic sites of America's first Swedes and Finns. Philadelphia, PA: Swedish Colonial Society, 2013.  

- Ågren, Maria. Domestic Secrets: women and property in Sweden 1600-1857. University of North Carolina Press, 2009.