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409 Social Club, 1940-1969

Description: Bound volume of minutes from meetings for the time period 1940-1969, membership and address book, and a color photograph mounted in last vol. of minutes. The club was formed by folks who has attended the Augustana Lutheran Church (moved to New Hampshire) in Washington D.C.
Volume: 1 box
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Control Num: SSIRC I/O:22

Adelphia College (Seattle, Wash.)

Description: Three papers entitled "History of the Adelphia College," by Jean Anderson; "Reminiscence of Adelphia College, by Iwar S. Westerberg; and "Dr. Emanuel Schmidt, 1868-1921, by Hannah S. Anderson Class of 1915. The College was founded by Swedish Baptists in Seattle, Washington and was in operation between 1905-1908.
Volume: 3 items
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American Bicentennial Swedish Group (Moline, Ill.), 1975-1976

Description: Scrapbook covering the bicentennial event in Moline, Illinois.
Volume: 1 volume
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Control Num: SSIRC I/O:16

American Daughters of Sweden (Chicago, Ill.), 1925-1970

Description: History 1925; By Laws 1926; Minutes 1929-1965; Membership applications 1963-1969; Correspondence 1926; Treasures records 1964-1970; Financial records 1928-1970.
Volume: 2 microfilms
Control Num: SSIRC CSC-1

American-Scandinavian Foundation, Midwest Office

Description: The American-Scandinavian Foundation correspondence 1969-1974
Volume: 16 linear ft.
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Control Num: SSIRC I/O:12

American-Swedish News Exchange, New York City, the Allan Kastrup Collection, 1920-1980

Description: The collection spans from the early 1920s up to the late 1980s and includes a wide variety of materials which reflects ASNE's efforts in promoting in Sweden and Allan Kastrup's personal interest in Swedish Immigration to the United States. The most extensive material is the clipping collection which documents Swedish cultural, political and economical developments covered in the American press from the early 1920s to the mid 1960s. The collection also includes correspondence between Hedin and Kastrup, a variety of speeches given by Swedish officials in the United States incl. Prince Bertil's; annual reports of the agency; nearly 100 photos depicting the Swedish Pioneer Centennial in 1948; and information on Sweden's neutrality during WWII.
Volume: 12 linear ft.
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Control Num: SSIRC MSS P: 308

American Union of Swedish Singers Midwest Division (Detroit, Mich.), 1901-1952

Description: Minutes 1901-1952
1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC E-6254:1

Angantyr/Svenska Sjuk-och Begravingshjälp Föreningen (Dagus Mines, Penn.), 1896-1932

Description: Constitution 1922-; Minutes 1896-1900; Membership Book 1922-1932.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC SC-166

Ansgar College, 1875-1884

Description: Original charter of corporation and one ledger of minutes for the College Board of Trustees for the years 1875-1884, when the school was forced to close.
Volume: 2 folders
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Control Num: SSIRC I/O:38

Aqua Niximus Chess Club (Chicago, Ill.), 1897-1966

Description: Annual report 1908; Misc. correspondence 1897-1953; Member list 1966.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC CSC-3

Arpi Male Chorus (Detroit, Mich.), 1932-1948

Description: Minutes 1932-1948.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC E-6254:3

Arpi Swedish Singing Club of Detroit (Detroit, Mich.), 1953-1954

Description: Articles of Incorporation 1953; Constitution and By-Laws; Minutes 1953-1954; Misc. papers and correspondence.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC E-6254:5

Astrid Lodge #9, 1934-1953

Description: Minutes from the Presidents' Noonday Club, i.e. luncheon meetings of on-time presidents of the Astrid Lodge (Ladies Vikings), financial records, printed matters, and photograph.
Volume: 2 boxes
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Control Num: SSIRC I/O:7

Automobile Lodge #934 (East Moline, Ill.) 1915-1939

Description: Minutes 1919-1932, the correspondence, 1922-1933 contains letters to and from the Grand Lodge in Springfield, Ill. and correspondence with other lodges around the country; membership records include names, date of birth and place of residence and various certificates issued by the lodge; financial records 1916-1930.
5 boxes, 2 linear ft.
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Control Num: SSIRC I/O:56

Augustana Book Concern (Rock Island, Ill.),

Description: Photographs (circa 250) portraying Augustana Synod Churches, portraits on persons active within the church, and pictures of many of the churches
Volume: 2 linear ft.
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Control Num: SSIRC I/O:23

Augustana Book Concern (Chicago, Ill.), 1870-1919

Description: Minutes (Svenska Lutherska Tryckeriföreningen) 1870-1872; Yearly report 1917-1918; Catalogue 1873-1912. Volume: 2 microfilms
Control Num: SSIRC SC-165

Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Synod, Collection, 1910-1960

Description: Letter from the Minister of the State of Sweden, Svenska Fosterlandsstiftelsen on the occasion of the Augustana Synod's 50th anniversary, letters commemorating the 75th anniversary of the synod
Volume: 2 boxes
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Control Num: SSIRC I/O:5

Augustana Evangelical Synod, California Conference, 1893-1929

Description: Conference minutes 1893-1929, Executive Council minutes 1894-1911.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC S-632

Augustana Home for the Aged (Brooklyn, New York), 1908-1955.

Description: Photographs of the residents and the facilities, financial records, printed pamphlets, and financial records of donations and expenses for the period 1912-1955 when John H. Benson was the general manager.
Volume: 3 boxes
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Control Num. : SSIRC I/O: 48

Augustana Kolonisationsförening (Minneapolis, Minn.), 1873-1917

Description: Minutes 1913-; Printed Statutes; Annual Report 1915; Legal and Financial Reports 1916-1917; Financial Records 1873; Short History 1912.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC SA-38

Balder Lodge #393 (San Francisco, Cal), 1910-1958

Description: Banquet & Ball program from 1910, 50 Golden Years 1908-1958, "14 Men with a Purpose," by Hugo Olsson. Note: The Mason minutes are confidential.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC SA-107

Beavers Creek Milling Company (St. Peter, Minn.), 1879-1897

Description: Minutes 1879-1897.
Volume: 1microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC SA-34

Bethany College (Lindsborg, Kans.), 1894-1896

Description: Minutes from Geiger förbundet 1894-1895, and minutes from the Swenson debating Club, 1894-1896.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC SA-3

Bethesda Aid Society (Kane, Penn.), 1931-1942

Description: Minutes 1931-1942.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC SC-168

Bishop Hill Colony, IL Subject Collection , 1856-1887

Description: Collection consists of receipts for payment of debt assessments; naturalization papers of Jonas Stoneberg; samples of paper money for the Western Exchange Fire and Marine Insurance Company of Omaha; printed dissolution; quit claim deed; and 13 printed religious tracts issued by Svenska Bibliska traktatsällskapet, Bishop Hill, IL.
Volume: 2 folders
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Control Num: SSIRC I/O:24

Centennial Association, Tri City Chapter (Anderson, Sigurd L. ), 1946-1950

Description: Secretaries records for the Swedish Pioneer Centennial Association, Tri City Area Chapter, on the occasion of the planning for Prince Bertil's visit in the U.S. in 1947 and the observance of the Swedish King's 90th birthday in 1948. Included are minutes, clippings, correspondence, itineraries, and programs.
Volume: 1 box
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Control Num: SSIRC MSS P:15

Chicago Swedish Christian Male Chorus (Chicago, Ill.), 1931-1948

Description: Constitution; Incorporation Certificate 1946; Board Meetings 1948; Yearly reports 1934-1948; Membership list; Various correspondence, programs, itinerary for Sweden tour 1947; Cash Book 1931-1948.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC CSC-4

Chisago Lutheran Church. Center City, MN, 1983

Description: The Chisago Lutheran Church history 1983 "100th anniversary of the Chisago Lutheran Church. The building was completed the fall of 1883."
Volume: 9 p.
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Control Num: SSIRC I/O:32

Club Dalarna/Chicago Dalaförbund (Chicago, Ill.), 1917-1958

Description: Constitution 1917; Minutes 1917-1956; Membership Book 1917-1942; Applications for membership 1935-1958; Financial records 1917-1953.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC CSC-5

Emanuel Hospital of the Covenant Church of America (Turlock, Cal.) 1917-1971

Description: The Emanuel Hospital records 1917-1942; 25th Anniversary 1917-1942; Historical sketch 1926; Historical article series from Turlock newspaper 1971; Minutes 1922-1932.
Volume: 1 microfilm
Control Num: SSIRC SA-117


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