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Augustana Contract Rates

Vehicle Class Rates:


  • $31.50/day
  • $184.80/week
  • $661.50/month

Standard Size:

  • $34.65/day
  • $202.65/week
  • $727.65/month

Full Size:

  • $36.75/day
  • $214.20/week
  • $771.75/month


  • $58.53/day
  • $321.00/week
  • $1229.13/month

Small SUV:

  • $53.53/day
  • $290.00/week
  • $1124.13/month

Medium SUV:

  • $59.99/day
  • $329.00/week
  • $1259.79/month

Large SUV:

  • $69.99/day
  • $384.95/week
  • $1469.79/month

Cars may be rented directly with your P-Card by clicking on this link (REFRESH page at the top of your browser after clicking). Cars rented through this link must be picked up at the Rock Island Location.

Cars may also be rented through Facilities Services and picked up at the College by calling Trisha Hines at x7278.

In lieu of utilizing this agreement for local travel and for out of area origination we have a 5% discount off the best daily rate from any enterprise location if you rent through this link

NOTE: The 10% discount at the airport has been negated by an added 10% surcharge by the City of Moline.

Enter a zip code or Airport location and select the location you will pick up car at.

Usually the contract rate will be less than the discounted daily rate except for weekend 3 day rate - however, please utilize the best priced option at the time of rental.