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P-Cards changing from VISA to MASTERCARD!

Coming Soon!

We will be changing P-Cards from VISA to MASTERCARD and changing banks from PNC to J.P.MORGAN CHASE

Benefits of the change:

We wil receive a 1.32% rebate on all purchases - currently 1%

24/7/365 Customer Service access - currently M-F 8:00am - 6:00pm Eastern time only.

Tom and Lisa will have real time access to assist as well - currently we must go through PNC customer service.

We will also have the ability to tie your transactions to a different default account number based on the type of vendor (for example - Airlines, car rentals, and gas stations can be tied to an administrative travel or recruiting line, while general merchandizers like target can be tied to the general expense line. Account numbers will be in a drop down box so you don't have to type them and by defaulting to typically appropriate line items you should have less editing to do when reconciling statements.

Watch for more information in the near future.