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July Update

In response to feedback received, we are removing fewer printers, upgrading existing centralized copiers/MFDs, and will be adjusting budgets to reflect the cost reductions that the program will generate.

Current Print Environment: (Unmanaged)

  • 66 Copiers & Faxes
  • 449 Printers & Inkjets
  • 14 different Manufactures
  • Cost :

New Print Environment (click hereto see the list of floorplans):

  •  Copier MFP's
  •  Desktop MFP Printers
  •  Single Function Printers

 Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will I be losing my printer?

A: In some cases you will lose your current printer. If you are losing your desktop printer you will be able to print to a new state of the art Multi Function Device (MFD) within a short distance from your desk that will allow you to print, scan and copy so although you may not have the convenience of printing from your desktop.

Q: When will the change take place?

A: Implementation will start approximately 30-45 days after a contract is signed. Once the schedule is finalized it will be posted here.