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Primary Vendors - Pre-Bid Master agreements

Augustana Primary Vendors listed alphabetically by Category

Please use these pre-authorized and bid contracts as your 1st choice for a given category, and contact the noted responsible college person/department prior to the vendor.

If what you are looking for is not available here please see Group Purchasing Organizations in the left menu followed by Purchasing Office suggested secondary suppliers list or contact the purchasing office for assistance. 

Click on links for email, web sites and specific contract details

Advertising Various Communication & Marketing Office x8979
Athletic Training Supplies Henry Schein Purchasing Office x7617
Attorney Services Lane Waterman  President's Office, Sherri Curran x8058
Automotive O'Riely's Purchasing Office x7617
Bakery Items Pan O gold Dining Services, Garry Griffith x7570
Buses, Charter Services  Burlington Trailways Purchasing Office x7617
Business Card, Stationary, envelope online ordering system Pinney Printing Company Communication & Marketing Office x8979
Cable TV and TLA Internet (Bulk agreement) Media Com  Purchasing Office x7617
Car Rental Enterprise Facilities Services, Trisha Hines x7278
Card Access Maintenance Armstrong Systems and Consulting Company Access Control, Jack Dunkin x7707
Computer Disposal Grace Bible/ Recycled ITS, Diane Heist x7817
Computer Hardware Dell Education ITS, Diane Heist x7817
Computer Printers and Peripherals CDWG ITS, Diane Heist x7817
Computer Software Various ITS, Diane Heist x7817
Computer/Electronics equipment disposal Cowboys Recycling Purchasing Office x7617
Consulting, Media - Widmeyer Agreement Widmeyer Communications Keri Rursch x7721
Copier Rental and Services   OMC (Office Machine Consultants) Purchasing Office x7617
Custodial Supplies Greenwood CS Building Services x7634
Document Destruction/Shredding, Secure Document Destructive Services Purchasing office x7617
E 2 Campus Omnilert Security, Tom Phillis x7279
Electrical Items Crescent, Wesco secondary Facilities Services, Dave Baker x7802
Electronics and Peripherals CDWG ITS, Diane Heist x7817
Elevator - Maintenance Agreement Schumacher Elevator Co. Facilities Services x7278
Food and Beverages Purchase Agreement P.F.G. (Performance Food Group) Dining Services, Garry Griffith x7570
Furnace Inspection and Smoke Testing Johnson Controls Facilities Services, Dave Baker x7802
Hotel Accomodations Wyndham Group Purchasing Office x7617
Inspection Services Johnson Contracting Facilities Services, Dave Baker x7802
Insurance, Student Accident Gallagher Student Health & Special Risk Business Office, Tammy Sullivan x7203
Laundry Services Family Pride Laundry Lombard IL,  Facilities Services x7278
Lawn Care Applications TruGreen Grounds, Mark Steiger x7495
Maintenance Items Grainger Purchasing Office x7617
Office Products, Web Ordering System Office Max Purchasing Office x7617
Online Journals Agreement Wiley Tredway Library, Carla Tracy x7266 / Mary Tatro x7824
Pest Control  Presto - X Facilities Services, Bill Fineran x7547
Procurement Card JPMorgan Bank Business Office, Tiara Hatfield x7688
Recycling Eagle Enterprise Recycling Fcilities Services, Bill Fineran x7547
Software - Ingeniux CMS Support and Maintenance Ingeniux ITS, Chris Vaughan x7439
Software -IBM SPSS Annual renewal  IBM SPSS ITS, Diane Heist x7817
Software -Symantec AV  License Renewal Software One ITS, Diane Heist x7817
Uniform Laundry Services Premier Laundry and Linens Dining Services, Garry Griffith 7570