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Mailing Center

The Mailing Center assists students and employees with shipping packages and sending mailings of more than 200 pieces, and student package delivery and pickup.

The center is on the ground floor of Sorensen Hall.

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Contact: 309-794-7332 or

Carol Ehlert, Mailing Center supervisor
Jody Butz, Mailing Center coordinator

Student package pick-up

All packages for students are delivered to the Mailing Center in Sorensen Hall. Students will receive an email notifying them that their package has been delivered. Students must pick up their own packages and present their student ID.

Bulk mailings

Mailings must be 200 pieces or more to receive the discounted bulk rate. The mail piece (postcard, self-folded mailer, envelope, or booklet) can be of any dimensions, but the body text must be generic, i.e., the same piece delivered to all addressees. The piece can be hand-signed, but may not contain personal dedications or other customizations. International addresses may not be included in bulk mailings — domestic addresses only. For more details, and to get an estimate of the cost, contact Carol Ehlert at ext. 7332.


The center ships packages from one ounce to 150 pounds via UPS and FedEx ground or express, domestic or international. Note that the center also stocks packaging materials, such as boxes, tape, labels, etc. Customers will receive a tracking number, and all packages are insured up to $100. More insurance is available for valuable packages.


For departmental shipping, customers should bring a budget account number, and the department will receive an internal invoice. For personal shipping, cash or personal check is required.