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Accident Investigation

When an Augustana Employee is involved in an accident or near miss on campus grounds, please follow the steps below to report the incident.

1. Seek necessary medical treatment, first aid or emergency services.

2. If this is an emergency and 911 has been called please be sure to also call Public Safety Ext. 7711

3. If the injury is non-life threatening, but still requires treatment please partner with Brandon Tidwell, HR Generalist Ext. 7141 or to report the incident and get further direction on how to proceed.

4. Once the employee has been treated, please ensure all required forms included in the Incident Report Packet - Work Comp have been completed, signed, dated and sent to Brandon Tidwell within 24hrs of the actual incident.

5. All decisions to accommodate work restrictions, light duty or leaves are made in partnership with the Office of Human Resources.  Supervisors are encouraged to partner with Human Resources before making these decisions on their own.