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COVID-19 testing on campus

Students and employees who have not registered their COVID-19 vaccination status, or provided documentation that they have received two doses of an approved vaccine, are considered unvaccinated. They will be required to test weekly until vaccination documentation is provided.

Testing is done weekly on campus. Unvaccinated community members will be contacted directly about their testing times.

Augustana's Immunizations System allows students and employees to register their COVID-19 vaccination status with the college — both first and second doses and booster shots.

Students and employees are encouraged, but not required at this time, to get a COVID-19 booster shot and register that with the college.

The Augustana Convenient Care Clinic offers COVID-19 testing, vaccinations and booster shots. The clinic is open Monday-Saturday.

Illinois and state vaccination records

Students and employees vaccinated in Illinois can go to the Illinois Resident Immunization Portal and follow the instructions to access their vaccination records. 

The college will accept this documentation. Students should download these records and share them with the Dean of Students.

Students vaccinated outside of Illinois should see their state's public health department  for more information. 

For more information, students should contact the Dean of Students. Employee should contact Human Resources.