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College moves to disease mitigation as needed

Aug. 29, 2022

As Augustana College transitions to an endemic stage in its COVID-19 response, we are eliminating the system of operating at various alert levels.

Instead, we will implement mitigations as needed to respond appropriately to any disease outbreak. Should more substantial mitigations be required in the future, we may again implement a system of operating within certain levels to help our community stay informed about both risk and mitigation actions required.

Community members are encouraged to receive a COVID-19 vaccination and to stay up-to-date with those vaccinations. Vaccination remains a critically important step every community member can take to protect against serious illness from COVID-19.

As college leadership monitors the status of COVID-19 and assesses the need for further mitigations, the following factors will inform decision-making:

• Recommendations, mandates and orders from federal, state and local public health authorities

• Severity of disease indicators

• Hospital stress in the Quad City area and treatment capacity

• Vaccination and booster vaccination levels of the campus community

• Availability and effectiveness of COVID treatments and therapies

• Testing capacity on campus