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The Department of Music offers instruction in piano as either private, one-on-one lesson, or as a group in Class Piano. Students interested in piano should speak with the piano area coordinator, Dr. Mary Neil, regarding which of these instruction options are best suited to them.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are available for 1 credit (half-hour lessons weekly) or 2 credits (one hour lesson weekly) from all piano faculty members.  Private lessons are normally reserved for students who already have piano skills.  First-year students choosing private piano lessons should register for MULS-PN-100.  They will then be assigned to a specific studio by the second day of classes.

Class Piano
Class piano instruction is designed for students with no prior piano instruction or with limited piano skills.  The class, for up to 15 students in a group format, is taught by Dr. Robert Elfline, and is offered for 1 credit.  The class meets weekly: Tuesdays - Thursdays, 9:30-10:20am in Bergendoff 4.  Class Piano presents a range of introductory skills to students, with emphasis on keyboard competency for those in the Musicianship (MUSC-111) course sequence.  Students interested in Class Piano should register MUSC-102-01.  Questions?  Please call Dr. Elfline.


Many opportunities for accompanying are available, from studio lessons to choirs.  Accompanying may qualify for campus work-study compensation, or for an hourly wage through the Music Department.  If you are able and interested, we'd like to hear you!  To audition (which entails sight-reading and short selection - no preparation necessary), please contact Dr. Neil.

Piano Faculty and Studio Locations:

Mary Neil (area coordinator) - Bergendoff 161
Robert Elfline - Bergendoff 13
Charles Schmidt -  Bergendoff Music Office
Gail Baldwin - Bergendoff 138A
Michelle Elmendorf - Bergendoff West Dressing Room