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Giving testamonials

"When we were undergraduates at Augustana, there were no formal support programs for first-generation college students. Fortunately, individual faculty and staff provided that support for me, showing me how different life could be with that Augustana education under my belt, opening my eyes to a world that I had not imagined. Dealing with, "You should get your nose out of those books and get a real job," day after day can take its toll. Somehow my ad-hoc Augie support network understood. The encouragement was constant. An accumulation of scholarships from Augie alums pulled me through financially. I vowed to pay it back. I have established an endowed scholarship at Augie. I started with a small gift and add to it each year. My scholarship will never reach the point of covering a student's tuition but it's helping to lighten the financial burden for a future Augie alum, whom I'm hoping will also eventually pay it back. I never did get my 'nose out of those books.'"
— Karen Tracy Sutherland '64

"We've lived in the Rock Island area since graduation so I have few excuses to miss any reunions even if I wanted. Reminiscing with classmates, even if it's about the same stuff every 5 years, is a reminder of those relatively carefree years at Augie and those connections at a formative time in our lives when we didn't have a mortgage or kids or car payments. As a student, I admit I was more concerned about balancing my social life with the treat of academic probation! I credit Augie for giving me the personal attention, thanks Dean Harry, to get my act together and benefit from the opportunities a college degree offered our generation."

"As we have observed Augie's campus evolve over the years, we've come to realize how those who came before us have had such an impact with their generosity, recently and prior to our time there. With those unknowns of "affording" retirement, we looked for ways to follow those charitable traditions. We had purchased some whole life insurance that developed cash value when we were raising our family. We could designate Augie as the beneficiary, use some of the cash value to donate to Augie now, but leave enough in the policy so the annual dividends could pay the premiums. It was a painless way to be part of that tradition."

"I called a classmate the other day to encourage him to attend this fall. His career choices were a lot less selfish than mine and he was apologetic about his limited ability to support Augie financially without me mentioning the class gift. His contribution was to the Augie tradition with his work and witness and reminiscing. Our resources are needed but so are the memories that would encourage others to consider attending Augie or support her financially. Won't you join me this fall in reviving those memories and making new ones?"
— Steve Bergman '64

"I came to Augie as a Junior transfer all the way from Queens, NY. I had never been west of anywhere so Rock Island was a big change for me. I loved Augie from the day my feet hit the campus until I graduated two and a half years later. Augustana was a financial stretch for my parents. Thanks to financial help from Augie I stayed and prospered. The 5 year plan worked to my advantage for sure. My NYC college was a commuter school and it was big. Augie was a family. That family feel at Augie helped me gain my sense of 'who I was' and what I could do. With that 'courage' behind me I ventured to the 'great unknown' of Colorado to teach. And that's where I have stayed for lo these 50 years. Thanks to Augustana for courage and purpose."
— Ginny Gelbach '64

"Many thanks for the wonderful memories! It can’t possibly be 50 years since we females saw our rooms in Jellybean Hall for the first time and met that new roommate who we had written a letter or two to but were now going to be living with in that brightly colored room. Do you remember decorating your room, trying to mesh your combined interests and personalities?"

"Who can forget the daily trudge up and down those steep wooden stairs from the women’s dorms to the center of campus! Stairs weren’t just a girl thing: guys, do you remember hustling your date up those stairs so she wouldn’t be grounded if she missed the 10:00 curfew? (Can you even imagine a 10:00 curfew on a campus today?)"

"Do you remember what fun it was in the dorms when frats serenaded someone who was recently pinned or engaged? Do you remember nightly devotions in the middle of the dorm hall? Quiet hours? The community phone on the hall and which of your corridor mates seemed to hog it each evening? Or the chapel in Centennial Hall and making sure you got there on time so you wouldn’t be marked absent by the attendance checker? Or arranging your checkout at registration time so you could sit next to the person you wanted to be with? How about Dorothy Parkander throwing out those difficult questions that really made you think about what you were reading or Dr. Delbrugge challenging you in one of those religion courses you were required to take? Or was it Dr. Hamming, or Dr. Naeseth, or Dr. Tweet or any of the professors you had that really caused you to stretch and THINK?"

"Where have these fifty years taken you? In my case, to many colleges and universities where I have had the good fortune of first studying and then later, teaching---to different parts of my own country and to other parts of the world as my husband and I moved from place to place. With each move, we made new memories and learned more about cultures and beliefs. None of these experiences would have been possible if I had not had the solid academic foundation of my liberal arts degree from Augustana. Augie taught me to think critically, to listen carefully, to explore eagerly, and to develop the life-long passion for literacy that motivated my subsequent years in public school and university classrooms. Augie gave me so much; now it is my turn to give back—through my yearly charitable provisions and through the provisions I have made for Augie in my will. I hope you will join me in honoring your Augie experience through your planned giving so that future generations will be able to have the benefits of an Augie education."
— Kathleen (Kathy) Stumpf Jongsma  '64