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Transferring Credits

To be transferable, courses taken at another institution need not be exactly comparable to courses offered at Augustana, but should be in an academic program and at a level that is normally applicable to an Augustana degree. A stricter criterion of comparability may be applied for a course to fulfill a general graduation requirement or a requirement for a major.

Students wishing to earn a degree at Augustana must submit for transfer evaluation an official transcript of all work attempted at other colleges and universities. Transcripts should be sent to the Office of Admissions directly from the other institutions. Transcripts issued to students and grade sheets are not acceptable.

Only coursework from other colleges and universities graded "C" (i.e., 2.0) or higher is evaluated for transfer credit.

A course graded Pass/No credit is not transferable if "D" is considered Pass under the other institution's grading system.

To earn a degree from Augustana, a student must complete 60 credit hours at Augustana, including the final 24.