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Frequently asked questions

Q: What are the admissions requirements for transfer students?
A: All applications are evaluated on the basis of probable success at Augustana, as indicated by grades, rank in high school class, and ACT or SAT scores, if applicable. Students with a college GPA above 2.5 have a significant advantage. Extracurricular activities, character, and motivation also are considered.

Augustana's enrollment is competitive. The college operates on a rolling admission basis, so it is advisable for transfer students to apply in early-to mid-spring rather than wait until early summer. We strongly recommend that each applicant take part in a personal admissions interview. We require each student to arrange for official transcripts from all schools attended as well as the official final high school transcript and a personal statement as to the reasons for transferring to Augustana.

Q: Will my credits transfer?
A: If a class you've taken is similar to a class at Augustana (and the grade is a "C" or better), those credits should transfer.

Q: How many credits do I need before I can transfer to Augustana?
A: Once you have completed 12 hours of college credit, you can apply to Augustana as a transfer student.

Q: What if I've already earned my associate's of arts degree?
A: Augustana requires 11 courses to satisfy the Learning Perspectives requirement. Students who have earned their associate's of arts degree in an approved program from any community college with which Augustana maintains an active transfer agreement are considered to have completed all LP requirements. Qualifying students must obtain an associate of arts degree and achieve a minimum of 33 credits of transferable course work (grade of C or better). Students will still be responsible for the Foreign Language, Christian Traditions Course, Physical Education activities, and the Investigative Lab (I), Quantitative (Q), Global Diversity (G) and Multicultural Diversity (D) requirements if the transfer courses do not include these. For a complete list of requirements and a one-on-one advising session with our transfer specialist to discuss how your credits will transfer, plan a campus visit today!

This benefit applies to students who have graduated from:

Q: Are scholarships available to transfer students?

  • Merit scholarships for transfer students range from $8,500 to $12,500 each year, based on academic success. To qualify, you must have a grade-point average of 2.7 or higher, and 24 transferable credits. There is no additional application for scholarships-your admissions transfer team will automatically consider your application for merit scholarships.
  • Phi Theta Kappa (PTK): In addition to the merit scholarship, students who are members of the PTK honor society can receive another $3,000, renewed annually.
  • Fine Arts scholarships* up to $4,000 are available for transfer students of any major with interests in artdebatemusic or theatre arts.
    Both majors and non-majors are eligible. All scholarships can be renewed annually if the student meets certain academic criteria.
  • The NSF-funded Augustana College Science Scholars program awards $10,000 per year, renewed annually, to select minority students in the sciences.  For more information about the Science Scholars program please visit

Scholarships are renewable depending on criteria such as grade-point average, involvement, etc. They would be part of a financial aid package that may include local, state and federal funding.

Q: When will I know which credit transferred?

A: If your application is accepted, you will receive a statement of advanced standing and notification of how much of your credit transfers. Generally, students who have attended regionally accredited institutions receive credit for all coursework comparable to courses at Augustana.

Q: How many students transfer to Augustana each year?
A: Usually about 100 transfer students enroll on campus in a given year.

Q: Do transfer students take longer to graduate?
A: Graduation for transfer students is dependent upon transferrable work and audit of all transcripts.

Q: If I transfer, can I still do an internship?
A: Yes, because most students choose to intern during the senior year or the second half of the junior year.

Q: Can transfer students take advantage of Augie Choice?
A: Yes, transfer students are eligible for Augie Choice funds after completing one year at Augustana.