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Summer Visit Contest winners

first place
First-place winners, from left: Sophie Osborn, Jessica Thoresen and Willow Montague.

Our 2017  Summer Visit Contest asked students to share a photo on social media, along with five words they would use to describe Augustana.

First-place winners receive a $4,000 scholarships ($1,000 renewable for four years).

Second-place winners receive $2,000 awards ($500 renewable for four years).

Here are the winners!

First place

Sophie Osborn of Lisle, Ill. described Augustana as: Beautiful, Welcoming, Historic, Homey, Amazing

Jessica Thoresen of Crete, Ill.: Open, Fresh, Considering, Active, Devoted

Willow Montague of Indianapolis: Exciting, Informative, Friendly, Home, Possibilities

Second place

Andrew Mayszak, Naperville, Ill: Hospitable, Environment-friendly, Astounding, Limitless, Accredited

Jonathan Davis of St. Louis: Life-changing, Fun, Informative, Scenic, Homey

Grace Morgan of Crystal Lake, Ill.: Welcoming, Beautiful, Interactive, Encouraging, Supportive

second place
Second-place winners, from left: Andrew Mayszak, Grace Morgan and Jonathan Davis.