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Martin Skantze

Year: Senior
Home city and country: Oslo, Norway
Majors: Psychology and economics

What about Augustana stood out during your college search?

The webpage was really well put together. All the information I was seeking could be found there. That and the grant I received made the decision pretty easy.

What clubs do you belong to on campus?

I am co-captain of the men’s club soccer team. I am vice president of the International Club.

What are your hobbies or interests?

Soccer and tennis are my two favorite sports. In addition to this, I like to work out. Non-physical interests of mine include staying up to date with global news and watching movies.

Which classes have been your favorites?

Any macro-related economic course, psych intervention and Dr. Stephen Warren’s American Indians class.

How have you changed since you came to Augustana?

I have certainly become a lot more independent. I used to depend on my family, perhaps too much. This was one of the reasons I wanted to study abroad. I believe I also feel that I have matured on an intellectual level as well.

What would surprise your friends from home about you now?

I have never been a very serious person. I like to joke a lot. Though this hasn’t gone away and never will, it has toned down over the last four years. My friends would probably be surprised to know that I am a little more serious now.

Describe a memorable class (or experience) and what you learned from it.

Working as a Global Ambassador has been one of the best experiences from my Augustana career. I have acquired friendships with people from literally all around the world. The nicest thing about those connections is that if I ever were to visit Myanmar, for instance, I would have a place to live. Not only that, but I would also get to see the country from an authentic standpoint and the entirety of my stay would not be of a tourist nature.

What campus jobs have you had at Augustana?

My freshman year I worked for the International Office. My sophomore year, the International Office became part of the Community Engagement Center. I then became a student worker for the CEC and I still am.

How would you describe campus life?

Augustana is a very intimate and social campus. I also feel that a large part of Augustana’s population is involved in sports, whether it is on a varsity or club level. I think that is great.