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International baccalaureate

Students who have earned the International Baccalaureate Diploma may be awarded credit for Higher Level passes with scores of five or higher if approved by the department. In some academic disciplines a score of four may be considered, but is subject to individual evaluation and the discretion of the academic department.

No credit is awarded for Subsidiary or Standard Level examinations. The specific amount of credit and course equivalencies awarded for each Higher Level pass are determined through evaluation by the appropriate academic department. The following assessments have already been made:




Equivalent course (credits)

HL Biology 5 Biology-101IB (3 non-major elective credits)   
HL English A - Literature    5 English-101IB (3 non-major elective credits)
HL Chemistry 5 CHEM-121/122AP (6 credits see AP list)
HL German B 5 GRMN-201 (completes language requirement)
HL History - Americas 4 HIST-130AP (6 credits see AP list)
HL Mathematics 5 MATH-219
HL Physics 5 PHYS-201 and PHYS-202, 6 credits (no lab suffix)
HL Psychology 5 PSYC-100 (3 credits)
HL Visual Arts NA This exam not accepted for credit

Students should understand not all courses equivalencies meet graduation requirements. Once students have committed to Augustana College, they should arrange to have their official IB scores sent to the college. For other tests not listed above, those assessments will be made by the Registrar in consulation with the appropriate department when scores are received.

For more information about the International Baccalaureate, see