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Federal regulations require the college establish and implement a policy to measure if an aid applicant is making satisfactory academic progress towards a degree.  Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is measured by evaluating three criteria: quantitative progress, qualitative progress and progress toward degree completion.  Programs governed by this SAP policy include Title IV funds (Federal Pell Grant, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant, Federal TEACH Grant, Federal Work Study, Federal Perkins Loan, Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans, and the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan) and all state and college administered funds. 

Student academic records will be reviewed at the end of each term (i.e., fall, winter, spring and summer) after grades are transcripted by the Registrar's Office.  All enrollment terms, including summer, must be considered in the determination of SAP, as well as enrolled terms for which the student did not receive financial assistance.

To satisfy Satisfactory Academic Progress for financial assistance students must:

1.  Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA corresponding with the table below:                              

Cumulative Credits Attempted
(Including Transfer and AP Credits)    
Minimum Cumulative GPA
(Transfer and AP Credits do not
affect calculation of cumulative GPA)
0-9 1.00
10-19 1.50
20-29 1.60
30-39 1.70
40-49 1.80
50-59 1.90
60+ 2.00

2.  Successfully complete a minimum of 67% of all attempted credits.

The completion rate is calculated by dividing the cumulative number of credit hours a student has successfully completed by the cumulative number of credit hours a student has attempted. (Transfer and AP credits accepted by Augustana count as both attempted and completed credits.) 

3.  Complete their degree within a maximum of 184.5 attempted credits.

This includes all transfer and AP credits accepted by Augustana. This policy will consider all enrollment at Augustana and other colleges/universities whether or not financial assistance was received.  Students completing a second degree must complete their program within a total of 184.5 attempted hours. 

Please note: Institutional funds (merit and need based) are available for a total of 12 terms.

"Successfully completed credit" is defined as receiving one of the following grades: A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D, CR, NR and P.

Credit hours completed with Audits (X), Withdrawals (W), Academic Withdrawals (AW), Incompletes (I), Work in Progress (IP), Missing (M) grades and non-credit courses will not be considered as successfully completed credits

Attempted Credits: Credits are counted as attempted as of the last day to add a class within a term.  Classes that are dropped, withdrawn from or failed after that day will continue to be counted as attempted credits.  If a student drops a class after the "add" date, even if there is no "W' on the transcript, that course is counted as an "attempted" course.  Incompletes (I), In Progress (IP) and Missing (M) grades are counted as attempted credits but not considered as successfully completed credits until a satisfactory grade has been received.  Repeat courses are counted as attempted each time the course it taken but will only be counted once in determining completed credits.

Monitoring Satisfactory Academic Progress:

     •  SAP for financial aid is monitored at the end of fall, winter, spring and summer terms. 

     •  Students who meet all SAP requirements are considered to be in financial assistance good standing. 

     •  Students who do not meet SAP requirements jeopardize their eligibility for financial aid and are placed in one of
        the following statuses:

        Financial Assistance Warning: Students who fail to meet all SAP requirements will be placed on Financial
        Assistance Warning for the next term they enroll at Augustana. During the warning term, students remain eligible
        to receive financial assistance. At the end of the term students will again be evaluated for SAP. If he/she has met
        all SAP requirements, he/she will be removed from Financial Assistance Warning and considered in good standing.
        Students who have not met all SAP requirements will be placed on financial aid suspension.

        Financial Aid Suspension: Students who fail to meet all SAP requirements at the end of their warning term will
        be placed on Financial Assistance Suspension. Students may appeal to have financial assistance reinstated. 
        Without an approved appeal, students who are on Financial Assistance Suspension are not eligible for federal,
        state, or institutional aid.  

     •  Students may appeal the suspension by completing an appeal form ( see appeal process below)

     •  Appeals will result in one of the following:

             Appeal is denied and student is not eligible for aid for the term
             Appeal is granted and student is placed on Financial Assistance Probation
             Appeal is granted and student is placed on Financial Assistance Probation with
             Academic Plan
                    If it is determined prior to the probation term that a student cannot meet SAP
                    requirements in one term, the student will be required to have an approved
                    academic plan on file that will allow a student to achieve SAP in a
                    prescribed period of time.

        Financial Assistance Probation/Probation with an Academic Plan: Students who have
        an approved appeal will be eligible to receive assistance on a probationary basis for one term.

           •  Students on Financial Assistance Probation will be reviewed at the end of the term.
              To continue to receive assistance for the next term of enrollment, students will be expected to have
              met SAP requirements.

           •  Students on Financial Assistance Probation with an academic plan will be reviewed at the end of the term.

         To continue to receive assistance for the next term of enrollment, students will be expected to have
         met requirements of their academic plan.

Appeal Procedures for Students on Financial Assistance Suspension:

     •  For an appeal to be considered the student must either be able to meet SAP requirements by the end of the next
        term; or the student must be placed on an academic plan which, if followed, will ensure that the student will be
        able to meet SAP at a future date. 

     •  A completed appeal form must document extenuating circumstances such as illness, death of a relative or other
        circumstances addressing why the student failed to meet SAP requirements.  Appropriate third party
        documentation (e.g. letter from counselor, minister, priest, etc.) is also required.

     •  Appeals must also address what has changed in the student's situation that will allow the student to achieve SAP
        and address steps that will be taken to meet the SAP requirements in future terms.

     •  The decision of the Financial Assistance Committee is final.

Please note: This policy pertains only to the requirements for continued eligibility for financial assistance. A separate review for academic standing is performed by the Dean of Student's Office. Their policy is located in the Academic Information section of the Augustana College Catalog under "Academic Standing Policy." Questions concerning your academic standing should be referred to the Dean of Student's Office.



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