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Meet the Admissions Staff

We want to get to know you. Please feel free to contact the admissions representative who works with students from your area. You can also email our office directly at Search by counselors below or by state and county.


Kent Barnds

Kent Barnds

Vice President

Kent's Bio

Meghan Cooley

Meghan Cooley

Director of Recruitment Communications

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Amy Copeland

Director of Recruitment Technology and Operations

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Karen Dahlstrom

Associate Director of Admissions

Karen's Bio

Beth Ford

Beth Ford

Assistant Director of Admissions & Special Events

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Rachel Gustafson

Rachel Gustafson

Associate Director of Admissions

Rachel's Bio

Gretchen Hampsey

Gretchen Hampsey

Recruitment Communications Coordinator

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Bonnie Jessee

Bonnie Jessee

Assistant Director of Admissions & Transfer Enrollment

Bonnie's Bio

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Assistant Director of Admissions & Community-Based Organization Partnerships

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Jill Kelly

Jill Kelly

Applications Data Coordinator

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Wendy Kelley

Assistant Director of Admissions

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Jenna Meunch

Jenna Muench

Assistant Director of Admissions - Chicago Region

Jenna's Bio

Liz Nino

Liz Nino

Assistant Director of Admissions for Diversity Outreach & Director of International Admissions

Liz's Bio

Mike Pettis

Mike Pettis

Assistant Director of Admissions & Intercollegiate Athletics Liaison

Mike's Bio

Jill Roche

Jill Roche

Campus Visit Coordinator

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Eric Rowell

Eric Rowell

Assistant Director of Admissions & Diversity Outreach

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Tarah Sipes

Tarah Sipes

Manager of Campus Experience

Tarah's Bio

Julianne Tongue

Julianne Tongue

Admissions & Financial Assistance Counselor

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Becky Urton

Becky Urton

Recruitment Data Manager

Becky's Bio

Courtney Wallace

Courtney Wallace

Director of Admissions-Chicago Region

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