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Frequently asked questions

Why haven't I heard yet?

Vice president of enrollment Kent Barnds reports on current review of applications. (more)

It takes time to process your application and supporting documents.
Once your application is received by our office, it can take up to two weeks (depending on volume) before it is fully processed in our campus information system. Supporting materials must not only be entered in our system, but also matched to the appropriate file. If materials are being mailed rather than submitted electronically, don't forget they have to actually get to us first!

Some of your supporting documents might truly be missing.
In addition to the application, we must have an official high school transcript; a secondary school report (see below); a teacher recommendation; and an official ACT or SAT score OR test-optional materials. We will not review your file prior to receiving all documents.

A school report is not the same as a school profile.
Sometimes high schools have a standard school profile that is included with each transcript. While this information is useful, the school report is a separate document that asks your high school counselor to answer questions specifically about you. You can download a blank school report.

You are planning to complete the test-optional process but missed a step.
It's important for test-optional students to submit the test-optional contract, complete an admissions interview, and submit a graded paper. Many students neglect the contract, and without it we cannot remove your test scores from your file.

Your admissions counselor has tried to contact you during the review process.
Because we place a high value on demonstrated interest, we frequently reach out to students before we make a final admissions decision to assess demonstrated interest. If you have not visited we are especially interested in knowing your interest level. We highly suggest scheduling a visit.

We will also call if we feel we are missing some information (example: you mention a higher ACT composite than what we have on file for you). Please check your email and answer your phone if you see someone from Augustana (usually area code 309) is trying to reach you.

How do I know if my application is complete?

Check your Arches account.
After your application was processed, you were sent an email about logging in to Arches, our web based document database used to track your application status. Follow these steps to track your status via Arches:

  • Select the 'Applicants' menu
  • Select the 'Log In' tab at the top of the page. Your login information will be:         
    • Username: FirstnameLastname15     
    • Password: a randomly generated PIN that is sent to you via email after your application is processed

The first time you log in, you will be prompted to personalize your password. Please make note of your new password. Completing the 'Hint' prompt will assist you if you forget or lose your password.

Select the 'My Documents' link. Here you will be able to track which elements of your application Augustana has received and the corresponding dates.

Email the Office of Admissions if you can't log into or have any issue with Arches.

Call the Office of Admissions (309)794-7341 or your admissions counselor with questions about your application status.