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Demonstrated interest

Demonstrating interest in Augustana College is an important part of any student's application process. Why? Because we believe in finding a great match both for Augustana and for a student's future.

We glean a lot of great information on the formal application but there are often important factors such as character, enthusiasm, and personality that are not apparent. It is through personal communication with students that we are able to get a better grasp on traits that can make a difference to a student's success on our campus.

Plus, these important campus interactions will give students and their familes a glimpse of the Augustana experience — all with the goal of ensuring they attend the institution that best meets their needs.

For this reason, we put a significant amount of weight into the interest students demonstrate because it is through these contacts we get to know students as individuals.

How can students demonstrate interest and impress the admission committee?

• VISIT. There is no better way to indicate interest than visiting campus. We offer a wide array of visit options throughout the year. We place special significance on a visit that includes an interview. Through interviewing we truly get to know a student's dreams and aspirations.

• Contact an Augustana admissions counselor. Getting to know the counselor responsible for the admission and enrollment process at Augustana is key to a student's success. Send the counselor a note or email, meet with the counselor visiting at the high school, call and introduce yourself. An admissions counselor is the best advocate at Augustana. Students want the counselor to know and remember them.

• Contact others that matter to you: faculty, coaches, activity advisors. These people can offer insight and help determine your fit on campus.

• Respond to communication. If we call or write or email, please respond.

• Tell Augustana we are a top choice. Everyone likes to hear they are a top choice. Colleges are no different, and saying so makes a difference.

Sometimes, during the process of reveiwing applications, admissions staff members will call or email applicants to learn more about the student and his or her interest in Augustana.

Questions may include: 

  • What attraced you to apply to Augustana?
  • What are some of the important factors that will go into making your final college decision?
  • When do you plan to visit Augustana?

Because these questions are important to us, a final admissions decision may be delayed while the admissions staff attempts to reach a student.

Demonstrating interest to Augustana is a key component in any student's admissions application. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions at or 309-794-7341.