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Real-World Advertising in the 21st Century

Instructor: Dr. Nadia Novotorova

Dr. Novotorova is an assistant professor of business administration with a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She has worked with Augustana students on marketing and advertising projects for many local businesses, including Bethany for Children & Families, Child Abuse Council, John Deere Fitness Center, Living Lands and Waters, Quad City Arts, Rock Island Consortium, Cool Beanz Coffeehouse and more.

Program dates: June 22-27, 2014

Program cost: $750

Includes lodging, all meals and any field trips. Students arrive on campus Sunday, June 22, and depart Friday, June 27.

Course description

In this course, students will be part of a team that builds a strategy and works on a real advertising project for a local business. Students will develop design sense and advertising expertise by watching and critiquing TV commercials, creating ads and visiting a local agency to connect with the professionals.

Tentative schedule

Sunday, June 22

  • Check-in
  • Welcome reception

Monday, June 23

  • Program Introduction & Orientation
  • Discussion 1: Advertising Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow.
  • Case-Study: Highlights in the History of Coca-Cola Television Advertising
  • Discussion 2: The Economic, Social, & Regulatory Aspects of Advertising, Shock Advertising- Case-Study: Benetton Group
  • Project: Develop your own advertising campaign. Visit with the owner of the local company
  • Brainstorming session: Search for ideas/information

Tuesday, June 24

  • Advertising in-house vs. Advertising Agency
  • Case-Study: Gateway: Searching for the Right Advertising Agency
  • Creative Strategy & Creative Process. Case-Study: Las Vegas
  • Field trip to a local advertising agency

Wednesday, June 25

  • Producing Ads for Print, Electronic, & Digital Media
  • Case-Study: Real California Cheese Building a Brand
  • Building Brand Through IMC
  • Case-Study: Under Armour

Thursday, June 26

  • Project Day: Developing the ad campaign for the local company

Friday, June 27

  • Project Day: Developing PowerPoint presentation
  • Presenting your advertising campaign
  • Evaluations