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Summer Student Research Fellowships application

Grace Koleczek, Spanish and religion major, used her Summer Fellowship to work on a project in Toledo, Spain. She wanted to see if the city's medieval period of religious tolerance shapes its residents understanding of it today.
Biochemistry major Max Wallace used his Summer Fellowship to worked with Dr. Scott Gehler of the biology department. They looked at breast cancer cells and how they responded to various signaling proteins.  
Anthropology major Moselle Singh used her Summer Fellowship to travel to Vedic City in Iowa, researching Transcendental Meditation and how and why women integrate it into their lives. She worked with Dr. Carrie Hough of anthropology.
Geology major Diana Boudreau used her Summer Fellowship working at the Field Museum in Chicago on the dinosaur Cryolophosaurus ellioti, found in 1991 by Augustana's Dr. William Hammer.

Augustana Summer Student Research Fellowships are available to students of all disciplines. This funding is intended to support student research/artistic projects under the guidance of a faculty member. Students may apply for a maximum stipend of $3,000, plus additional funding for project expenses. 

Students should submit their application and letter of support by Jan. 21, 2015, to Dr. William R. Hammer, Department of Geology, co-chair, Augustana Student Research Committee. If you have any questions email or call him, (309) 794-7487.

How to apply in 5 steps

1. Read the following information on how to estimate your budget. You will need this information to finish the basic information form.

• Stipend: Number of weeks X $300 per week for a maximum of 10 weeks. All student stipends are subject to Social Security, Medicare and federal and state income tax withholding.

• Supplies and travel: List any expendable equipment/supplies that will be used only for this project. Include travel expenses essential to the proposed research project. Do not include expense to present results at conferences, since those funds are available through a separate funding program of the Student Research Committee. While we expect that for most projects these expenses will not exceed $500, projects that require larger expense budgets (such as expensive travel, etc.) will be funded if the funds are available.

• Equipment: List permanent equipment items separately (i.e. new equipment required for the project that will then be available for future use on campus).

2. Fill out and submit this basic information form.

3. Ask the faculty member overseeing the project to send a letter of support directly to Dr. William R. Hammer by email. In addition to discussing the student's ability to carry out the proposed research, this letter should address if and how often the student will meet with the faculty member during the summer. If special equipment or facilities are needed for the project, this letter should also speak to these issues.

4. Create a folder in your Google Docs (or Google Drive) application. Use your name as the folder name. Place a copy of the following three documents in the folder.

Required documents:

• Cover letter (letter of application) addressed to the Student Research Committee, in which the applicant reflects on the meaning/importance of the project to his or her educational goals.

• Detailed description of the project (2,500 words maximum). This description should state objectives for the project and explain how the stated objectives might be accomplished, as well as give rationale for the proposed research. The description should clearly present the hypothesis or investigative question to be answered and the relationship of the proposed project to current issues in the chosen field of study. Applicants are to keep in mind that the review committee is made up of Augustana faculty from diverse fields. Clarity requires that any field-specific jargon, theories, or methods be well-explained.

• Summary of how and when the project results will be reported and how this research may lead to future projects. Summer Fellows will be expected to present their work at the Student Research Symposium: A Celebration of Learning during the spring of 2014 — among other venues — as well as write a short reflection paper after completion of their projects.

5. Share the folder with Dr. William Hammer. Done!