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Faculty Newsletter Feb. 3, 2020

This Week's Message


February 6, 2020

3:30 - 5:00 p.m.

TOPIC: Open Access Publishing and Augustana Digital Commons

SPEAKER: Lauryn Lehman

Lauryn Lehman from Tredway Library will be discussing the rise of the open access movement withing academic publishing, including factors such as the predatory nature of the publishing industry today and the rising cost of journal subscriptions.  Additionally, we will discuss the future of Augustana Digital Commons, focusing in particular on ways in which we can increase faculty buy-in to the Commons and to open access publishing in the larger sense.


Faculty News

Dr. Joanna Davis and her co-authors have been accepted for publication in the Journal of Vocational Behavior for their article, titled "Networking via LinkedIn: An Examination of Usage and Career Benefits".

Dr. Davis also presented a paper on Prosocial Networking Behavior at the Midwest Academy of Management annual conference in October, 2019.  In addition, at the conference she received a Best Reviewer award in recognition of her contributions as a peer reviewer. 


Dr. Peter Kivisto published a book chapter with Pasi Saukkonen (University of Helsinki) titled “The True Finns/Finns Party: A Right-Wing Populist Party and the Backlash against Multiculturalism in a Consensus-Oriented Civil Sphere,” in The Nordic Civil Sphere, edited by Jeffrey C. Alexander, Anna Lund, and Andrea Voyer (Polity Press, 2019).

His review essay, “Why the Jews Are Good to Think: Reflections on Chad Alan Goldberg’s Modernity and the Jews in Western Thought was published in the Journal of Classical Sociology (2019).

In addition, his “Multiculturalism and Immigration” was published in The Sage Handbook of International Migration, edited by Christine Inglis, with Wei Li and Binod Khadria (Sage, 2019).

Finally, he presented a public lecture at the University of Helsinki on December 16, 2019 titled “Undocumented Immigrants in a Polarized Civil Sphere; The Case of Postville, Iowa.”


CORE (Careers, Opportunities, Research and Exploration)

The deadline for Study Away applications for 2020-2021 is February 28th. Program information and applications can be found at   


Presidential Center for Faith and Learning

One way that Augustana educators (faculty, staff and administrators) might support students as they carve a path of meaning and purpose is by attending a regional conference sponsored by the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education. If you are interested in attending a gathering in 2020 as part of your professional development, please let Jason Mahn know. The Presidential Center for Faith and Learning would be able to pay the $50 conference fee; attendees would use their professional meeting or professional development funds for travel and additional expenses. Here is more information:

Registration remains open for the four NetVUE regional gatherings that are scheduled for the first half of 2020. Registration fees remain a modest $50 for those at NetVUE member institutions and include one or two nights’ lodging. Four upcoming events are scheduled for 2020:     


An important conversation about purpose and educating our students for vocation is coming soon! 

Please save the date for ThurCo Week 3 of Spring term (February 20) with special guest Tim Clydesdale, Professor of Sociology, scholar of Higher Education, and author of The Purposeful Graduate: Why Must Talk to Students about Vocation. This will be of particular interest to major advisors, first-year advisors, program leaders, and others who can and should be leading students in their vocational discernment and reflection. Here is a blurb from Tim's book: "We all know that higher education has changed dramatically over the past two decades. Historically a time of exploration and self-discovery, the college years have been narrowed toward an increasingly singular goal—career training—and college students these days forgo the big questions about who they are and how they can change the world and instead focus single-mindedly on their economic survival. In The Purposeful Graduate, Tim Clydesdale elucidates just what a tremendous loss this is, for our youth, our universities, and our future as a society. At the same time, he shows that it doesn’t have to be this way: higher education can retain its higher cultural role, and students with a true sense of purpose—of personal, cultural, and intellectual value that cannot be measured by a wage—can be streaming out of every one of its institutions. The key, he argues, is simple: direct, systematic, and creative programs that engage undergraduates on the question of purpose."


Campus Cupboard

The Augustana College Campus Cupboard provides non-perishable food items and hygiene products to the student body. All Augustana students are welcome to take items from the cupboard. Open Wednesdays from 11:15 - 12:15 and Thursdays from 4:30 - 5:30, the Cupboard is visited by 17 students, on average, per day.