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Our Students

Campus Involvement

Religionmajors and minors are recognized as creative and enthusiastic leaders on campus. You will meet them in such wide-ranging campus group as the debate team, lacrosse, campus ministries, PRISM, and the vegetarian society. You will also meet them in the Biology Club, the Knitting Club, and in fraternities and sororities. Our majors and minors know how to infuse an educational career with personally fulfilling activities. You should see the t-shirts some of them created for an end-of-the-year event with some of their faculty!

Academic Engagement

All religion majors are involved in Senior Inquiry and individual capstone projects where they explore a topic in religion that is of interest to them.

Ashley Webb, one of our go-getting students, is interested in contemporary fundamentalist Christianity and will be conducting ethnographic research at Christian summer camps. She hopes to enter the legal professions where she can fuse her passion for religious studies with a desire to serve in the public sphere.

Patrick Fish, a Psychology and Religion double major, is doing an internship at Trinity Hospital in Moline.

Adam Langdon, double major in Religion and Classics, is an intern at South Park Presbyterian Church in Rock Island, where he is involved with youth ministry.

Community in the World

In addition to creating enjoyable social experiences on campus, Religion majors and minors seem to share a strong concern for the issues and problems in the world. They desire to see the world change. They bring a certain kind of enthusiasm and hope to campus. As their professors and mentors, we are invested in what they do now, and anticipate great things from them in the future. From service learning in the Quad Cities to Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans to international involvement in NGOs and Peace Corps, our majors and minors are proving themselves to be deeply engaged in the larger world.

Amber Dismer is a Peace Corps volunteer in Imishli, a small town in Azjerbaijan. Here Amber is helping to bring about environmental change through a river clean-up project. For her, ecological justice is no longer just a theory.

Recent graduate, Meghan Koepnick, is currently enrolled in the Seminary program at Luther College and has plans to become a youth pastor.


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