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Political science

Political science majors doing research: Rachel Lenke ’12 (back row, second from left), and Ellen Lose ’12 (front), with Dr. Mariano Magalhães and a focus group in Estrutural, Brasília, Brazil.
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All students of political science collaborate on research with a faculty mentor, learning how to ask and answer significant questions and then present those findings to others. This kind of skill development means graduates are employed in many fields.

Some recent graduates have careers in business, education, urban planning, community organizing and grant writing. (The previous mayor of Rock Island and former Illinois Congressman Lane Evans both are Augustana graduates.)

What graduates do

Tyrrell Jeffries '13 is in the Teach for America program and then plans to attend law school.

Rachel Lenke '13 is in the master of public policy program at Loyola University-Chicago.

Alicia Oken '13' is studying for a master's degree in journalism at Georgetown University (see her blog)

Augustana College offers a major and minor in political science, with classes in a wide variety of fields within the discipline: American politics, comparative politics, international relations, political theory, public law and public policy. The department is closely associated with Augustana's pre-law program.

The department serves as a resource for foreign study programs, especially Asian and Latin American studies. Professors are involved in Model United Nations and Model Arab League groups, and work with Augustana's Freistat Center for Studies in World Peace, which regularly brings international figures to campus.

Students find the political science major to be very compatible with other programs, including communication studies, business administration, sociology and economics.

In recent years, a typical political science major would:
• Take courses in Ghana or Vietnam for a term.
• Attend a session of Model Illinois Government in Springfield or a Model United Nations conference in Washington, D.C.
• Experience political life in four cities and two states because of the college's location on the Mississippi River border between Illinois and Iowa.
• Be interviewed by local or regional news media, who frequently turn to faculty and students for expertise and opinions on issues.
• Participate in Politics Club, a non-partisan organization of students interested in intelligent political discourse;

Nicolas Camlin ’10, political science major:

“The professors in the political science department are intelligent and experienced, and are great people who want to help their students at any cost. With that much support … I am confident that I will be well-prepared for the next level of my life, whether it’s in law or politics.”

Amanda Seifert ’11, political science major:

“Political science is a major that easily gives back as much as you put into it; this makes it incredibly rewarding and always engaging. Different connections are constantly being made between ideas, giving me a new perspective on the world."


Ebony Allen '15: accomplishments

Ebony Allen '15 will attend Yale University's Sherwin B. Nuland Summer Institute in Bioethics and attend law school to pursue a career in health law, health policy and bioethics. " I never thought I would be a philosophy major or a triple minor. I never knew ... how much I would accomplish in the last four years."

Anissa Pemberton '15: exploring

Anissa Pemberton '15: "I used my Augie Choice on my study abroad trip in Brazil, which was definitely the peak experience for me. Going on that trip made me take considerable note of how much I loved learning a different language and exploring a unique location and culture."
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