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Logic and Critical Reasoning

110 Critical Reasoning
310 Modern Formal Logic

Introduction to Philosophy

201 [PH] Knowledge and Values
203 [PS] Social Ethics
205 [PH] Life and Death

History of Philosophy

240 [PP] Classical Philosophy
242 [PP] Modern Philosophy
340 Classics of Western Philosophy
342 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy

Philosophy of Special Subjects

311 [PP] History and Philosophy of Science
312 [PS, Q] Decision & Game Theory
315 Studies in Epistemology
318 [PH] Philosophy of Language
321 [PA] Philosophy of Art
322 [PH] Political Philosophy
323 [PH] Moral Philosophy
329 [PH] Philosophy of Mind
331 [PH] Philosophy of Religion
341 [PH] Phenomenology and Existentialism

Individual and Advanced Studies

399 Directed Study
400 Independent Study
440 Advanced Seminar
441 Senior Inquiry
450 Senior Thesis