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The German Studies program at Augustana College seeks to educate its students in the language, culture, literature, and history of the German-speaking countries in Europe.

From the very beginning, our courses teach language and culture in tandem, with the goal of helping students develop intercultural understanding and communication skills. Intermediate German language courses are organized around themes and provide students with opportunities to expand their German language skills and their understanding of German culture at the same time.

German language courses are complemented by more in-depth culture classes that are part of the college’s liberal arts core and also fulfill requirements for the German Studies major and minor. These culture courses are taught in English but include German language assignments for German Studies majors and minors.

German Studies majors are required to take part in a study or internship experience in German-speaking Europe, but all students are encouraged to live, study, and work overseas. Options include a semester- or year-long exhange program with universities in Bavaria, in Eichstätt, Passau, and Regensburg, an annual four-week summer program at the University of Eichstätt, and a fall term program in Wittenberg.

The German Studies program strives to help its students feel at home in German-speaking Europe by offering classes on a wide variety of cultural topics and by fostering inter-cultural understanding. Classes are small, and the experienced faculty members are eager to share with their students their love of the German language, of the countries where it is spoken, and of these countries' rich history and culture.

Course offerings beginning in Fall 2013

101-102-103: Beginning German
211: Geography and tourism of Germany (taught in German)
212: Culture of Switzerland (taught in German)
213: Culture of Austria (taught in German)
214: World War II (taught in German)
3xx: German culture through film (taught in German)
330: Business German (taught in German)
2xx: The generation of 1968 (taught in English)
2xx: Green Germany (taught in English)
2xx: Women in Germany (taught in English)
220: Germanic Folklore, Legends and Fairy Tales (taught in English)
2xx: The European Union (taught in English)
315: Class, Gender and Sexuality in Naturalist Literature (taught in English)
318: Science in Fiction and Film (taught in English)
320: Diversity in Northern Europe (taught in English)
3xx: East and West (taught in English)
325: German cinema (taught in English)
340: Social Democracy and the Welfare State (taught in English)