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English majors at Augustana learn how to think critically, communicate clearly, read closely, conduct research, and argue a point. To earn an English major at Augustana, you need to take 11 classes, including:ENGL 274: Introduction to Criticism and Theory, one Historical Period I class, one Historical Period II class, one Historical Period III class, one Identities class, one Approaches and Methods class, four electives, and a senior seminar.

The Historical Periods (HI, HII, and HIII) and Identities (I) classes introduce you to the astonishing range of voices constituting English, American, and Anglophone literature, ENGL 274: Introduction to Criticism and Theory and the Approaches and Methods (AM) classes invite you into ongoing critical debates about what to read, how to read, and why to read. The remaining five classes (four electives + senior seminary) allow you to tailor your English major to your intellectual interests and to pursue the authors, periods, and questions that matter the most to you in literary study.

Historical Period I — Old English through Renaissance

Choose one (others may be taken as electives) from:

ENGL-350: Medieval Literature
ENGL-351: The Literature of Early Modern England
ENGL-352: Shakespeare: Comedies and Histories
ENGL-353: Shakespeare's Tragedies ad Later Plays
ENGL-365A: Major Authors—Medieval
ENGL-365B: Major Authors—Early Modern/Renaissance


Historical Period II — Restoration through Victorian

Choose one (others may be taken as electives) from:

ENGL-355: English Romantic Poets
ENGL-356: Developing English Novel
ENGL-358: Versions of America
ENGL-364: American Romance and Realism
ENGL-365C: Major Authors—Restoration/18th Century
ENGL-365D: Major Authors—19th Century British
ENGL-365E: Major Authors—Early American

Historical Period III — Modernism through Contemporary

Choose one (others may be taken as electives) from:

ENGL-334: Modern Poetry
ENGL-357: Modernism in British Literature
ENGL-361: Contemporary African-American Literature
ENGL-362: Modernism in American Literature
ENGL-363: Contemporary Literature
ENGL-365F: Major Authors--Contemporary



Choose one (others may be taken as electives) from: 

ENGL-236: Multicultural Literature of the U.S.
ENGL-237: Introduction to African-American Literature
ENGL-239: Women in Literature
ENGL-239G: Women in Literature: South Asia
ENGL-315G: Writers and Readers Beyond our Border
ENGL-333: Anglophone Literature
ENGL-337: Women Writers and Feminist Theory
ENGL-354: Empire and Outsiders
ENGL-358: Versions of America
ENGL-361: Contemporary African-American Writers

Approaches and Methods

Choose one (others may be taken as electives) from 

ENGL-239: Women in Literature
ENGL-240: Biblical and Classical Illusion 
ENGL-275: History of British Literature
ENGL-276: History of American Literature
ENGL-333: Anglophone Literature
ENGL-311: Advanced Environmental Literature
ENGL-337: Women Writers and Feminist Theory
ENGL-354: Empire and Outsiders




Any four ENGL or ENCW classes; however, only one 100-level class and up to two ENCW classes will count towards the major





Senior Inquiry

ENGL-441: Senior Inquiry: Seminar I
ENGL 442: Senior Inquiry: Seminar II


Individual courses may carry more than one distribution requirement, but no course may satisfy more than one distribution requirement; others may be taken as electives. At least five courses must be 300- or 400-level classes.


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