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Education Students in "More Than I Imagined"

Marisa Crater  "Student teaching was my 'peak experience.' Twelve weeks in real classrooms with real students allowed me to put all the skills and knowledge I've gained at Augustana to the test. This culminating experience gave me a taste of the years to come, and I experienced real-life examples of all the content I'd studied for three years. I was able to explore my teaching style with students, network within my cooperating schools and districts, and learn more about myself as a teacher."

Annie Nordine  "I would not be where I am today without the education department. They have prepared me fully for my future career, providing me and my classmates with unending advice, encouragement and ideas. They modeled for us all what it means to be great teachers, and their support for one another taught us the importance of collaboration. I will forever be grateful for what they have given me, and I'm sure I will turn to them for years to come."

Sarah Ebener  "Katie Hanson was probably the most helpful person during my time here. She has been my advisor since I declared my major, and she must be one of the most hands-on advisors at Augie - she's more like a life and career coach. She and many of the other professors in the education department have been invaluable to me."

Alannah Golden  "I am more surprised at the kind of person I am today. I value the education I have received at Augustana because it has helped to mold me into a strong, tolerant and contributing member of our community."

Robin Quinn  "I chose Augie for the abundance of opportunities. After performing in Carnegie Hall, traveling to Germany, teaching in three different local schools, and volunteering locally, it's clear to me that I made the right choice."

Mason Kienzle  "I chose Augustana because of the size of the student body, the personal interaction with professors, the campus and the liberal arts education."

Meredith Skala "Augustana's education department has played a vital role in my development as an individual and as an educator. They have truly set the example for what it means to be influential."

Andy Ahrhardt  "I am able to Construct, Connect & Reflect in almost any situation!"

Lauryn Dick  "When I was finished student teaching, I looked back and saw what I was capable of doing. The experience reassured my passion for the career path I chose and gave me the confidence I needed to step out into the real world."

Kimberly Joslin "Somehow I made the transition from giving a nervous speech in front of 10 people to leading hour-long rehearsals of 90 students with complete confidence."

Mary O'Malley  "Because Augustana is a small liberal arts school I was fortunate enough to work with the same faculty throughout my four years here, so not only was I able to form relationships with them, but they were able to see me grow and help steer me on the path that I needed to be on."

Ben Sharko  "The brilliant and friendly professors helped to develop me into the teacher I am today."

Ryan Shershen  "Augie is a family of students, faculty, professors and administrators that come together for the good of everyone."

Austin Smith "I also realized I am capable of accomplishing a lot and pushing myself to become a better person."