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Karen Petersen
Karen Petersen

Mrs. Karen M. Petersen is an administrator and instructor in the Department of Business Administration. She has served as the faculty liaison to Business Day since the academic year 1999-2000. Karen assists the students serving on the Business Day Student Committees to efficiently and effectively complete Business Day planning. She is available to businesses and students interested in participating in Business Day. Karen has taught in the Business Administration Department since the academic year 1990-91. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in business administration and psychology from Augustana College, Rock Island, IL, 1977. She received an MBA from the University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, in 1985. She has completed coursework in competitive intelligence and new product development at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, as well as a class in services marketing at the University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA. Karen currently teaches courses in marketing and new product policy.

Karen's administrative duties include directing the business internship program. She recruits and helps to match qualified students to quality internships within a variety of businesses. Students are placed in internships relating to economics, finance, international business, management, management information systems, and marketing. Karen mentors each Augustana student as he/she earns academic credit on internship.


Contact Karen at:

Augustana College
Department of Business Administration
Carlsson-Evald 312
639 -38th Street
Rock Island, IL 61201
309-794-7456 (direct line)
Fax: 309-794-7625