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Business Day 101 - Student Info

What is Business Day?

  • Business Day is a premier job shadowing event exclusively for Augustana students. You spend a day shadowing a business executive of your choosing. You learn all about how your academic path connects with the professional world.

Why should I participate?

  • Business Day connects students to local businesses. Through this connection you can gain an inside look into that company and industry, network, and possibly even land a job or an internship! You also get a delicious breakfast and a day away from classes.

Isn't it just for Business students?

  • Not at all! Business Day is for students of all majors

When is Business Day?

  • This year Business Day will be held on Friday, April 25th. Be sure to notify your professors in advance!

How do I choose a company?

  • Go to to browse participating companies. On the website, companies describe what type of students they're interested in and provide information about the company.

What should I do to prepare for Business Day?

  • Attend the Business Day Student Seminar on Thursday, April 17th at 11:30 in Evald 17
  • Research the company by looking at their website. If they don't have a website, look at competitors or just the industry in general.
  • Call or e-mail the company to introduce yourself and see if there is anything in particular they'd like you to do in order to prepare for the day.
  • Think of questions for your sponsor:
    • What made them choose this field?
    • What do they do on a daily basis?
    • What is the best/worst part of that job or industry?
  • Update your resume, have the Career Center look it over, and bring a few copies with you.

How can I make a good impression?

  • Dress according to what the company requires. Some companies require business professional clothing and others require business casual. Check the Business Day website for the dress code of your company.
  • Shake hands firmly, smile, and maintain eye contact when you meet your sponsor
  • Forgo that last minute smoke
  • No baseball hats
  • Guys - lose the earrings!
  • Ladies - no one needs to see a lot of skin!
  • Bring a portfolio with your resume and pen
  • Stand out in your group of students by taking the initiative and asking good questions

What do I do at the breakfast?

  • Take the lead when your sponsor(s) arrive and introduce yourself!
  • Remember that they do not know anyone--Be a good host!
  • Engage in a meaningful and intelligent conversation
  • Watch your eating habits
  • Set expectations early; hint at what you hope to gain from the day
    • "I'm looking forward to finding out . . . ."
    • "What should we expect from our morning with you?"
    • "Will we have the opportunity to . . . ?"

What should I do once I get there?

  • Take advantage of the situation and learn all you can
  • Be courteous and professional with everyone you meet
  • Don't whisper to friends- it's rude!
  • Focus your attention on the host
  • ASK QUESTIONS!!!  Show off your curious mind

What if I'm paired with a sponsor that isn't in my career path?

  • You can always learn from everyone
  • Be flexible
  • You might learn you are interested if you give them a chance
  • Each work environment is different
  • Make notes of what you like and dislike
  • You never know who your sponsor knows
  • They could introduce you to your next boss
  • Each sponsor will help prepare you for the world of work
  • Learn from them

What do I do afterwards?

  • Write a thank you!!
    • Business Department provides Augustana thank you notes and postage
    • Write a thank you to your sponsor(s)
    • Write the note Friday afternoon when you return
    • Write the note within two days!
  • This step is courteous, professional, and sets you apart - Do it!

What's in it for me?

  • Explore a career field
  • Make networking contacts
  • Inquire about a summer job, internship, or full-time position
  • Meet new people
  • See new places
  • Try new things
  • Apply your classroom material to the workplace
  • Get a break from classes
  • Get advice on your resume
  • Find your next employer

Why do Businesses participate?

  • They love Augustana Students
  • They get to learn all about the Millennial Generation - YOU!
  • It is a great opportunity for THEM to network with college students
  • Many companies will offer internships, full-time jobs, through this initial contact
  • It's a chance to give back to the community!
  • Some have been participating for 30 years!