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Madison Logan

Madison finding her center on the Coastal Walk

Communications Studies & Disorders; Psychology

Lizard Centre

The Lizard Centre is recognized as one of Australia's leading providers of effective evidence based intervention for young children with autism and related disorders. The Centre opened its paediatric clinic in January 2003 and expanded to new premises in Chatswood in 2007. Lizard opened its adult services program in 2008. Lizard is the largest ABA clinic in Australia and is the largest private autism specific early intervention centre in NSW. Lizard enjoys a solid reputation as Australia's pre-eminent provider of applied behavioral services.

What aspect of your internship did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed sitting in on and participating in all of the sessions with the Speech Pathologist. I was able to see a lot of kids with varying degrees of autism and see how she approaches each one of them differently according to their capabilities and goals. She knows how much to push them to achieve their goals while at the same time not pushing them past their limits. She was really awesome, and I learned a lot from her, especially how to interact with the kids and explain their progress and the content of the sessions to their parents after each intervention session.