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Dan Ardelan

Dan enjoying the surf at Surf Camp Weekend

Communications; Business Administration-International Business


Nuzest is a lifestyle brand focused on nutrition and health. Their two major products, Good Green Stuff & Clean Lean Protein, are the first in a range of supplements. Nuzest focuses on nutrient rich superfoods; fruits, veggies, high antioxidant berries, vital greens, and good quality protein delivering all your essential vitamins and minerals naturally. They also aim to provide a lifestyle resource of real people with practical advice - to "supplement" their nutrition supplements.

What aspect of your internship did you enjoy most?

The "hands-on" work. There is no job shadowing of any kind, so I am instead assigned multiple projects at any given time. These are completed on my own, unless I have questions or need further assistance. But I am being trusted with a lot of important projects.