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2013 Intern Experiences

The 2013 "Augiestralians" had plenty of great experiences in and out of the workplace. Here are some of their stories!

Experiences at the Internship

Crossing Borders on the Job

Dan Ardelan along the coast of Australia

"Day 1 of my internship at NuZest, I was told to take the product Clean Lean Protein, and bring it to the US market. From there I was expected to take charge of the task and make it my own. This was indeed an overwhelming experience for me because there were no "baby steps". It was sink or swim, and sinking was not an option. By working and collaborating with the CEO I was able to grow from a college student into a competent, effective employee in the professional business world.

"My internship presented me many opportunities that I would have never expected. While going in I expected a lot of down time, but the reality of my position was quite the opposite. Over the course of the internship I worked on several projects ranging from product branding, product marketing, new product development, market research, and even pursuing celebrity endorsements. This has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. My internship at NuZest has instilled a great confidence in myself for the world after college through learning and real experience, and I feel it has been an integral part of my experience at Augustana."

- Dan Ardelan

"Bird Nerd" at Work

Carrie Keahl
Carrie hanging out at  her internship site

"At Macquarie University, I worked in a department that included staff, postdoctoral postgraduates, and honor students from within the school itself. It was a diverse environment, with co-workers that included differently aged women from France and Canada, and men from New Zealand and England. Working with these different people, who themselves were not Australian natives, it was interesting to see how they had adapted to the Australian culture.

"As a research assistant in the Avian Behavioural Ecology Group, I spent most of my time thinking critically of ways to improve the experiment I was working on. I watched bird video after bird video, trying to understand and analyze bird companion behavior. It made me realize that in order to become a strong critical thinker; I needed to have an open mind and the willingness to learn from different co-workers.

"Reflecting back on this internship and the opportunities that arose when in Australia, I can say that I am a stronger, better-rounded and independent individual who has learned to overcome many obstacles and changes in an unfamiliar environment. Interning in Australia has been the best part of my experience at Augustana and I'm proud to be a 2013 Augiestralian."

- Carrie Keahl

Experiences Outside of the Internship

The Olympic Dream

Brennan Casey and Paul Kleinhans-Schulz strike the infamous pose
from the 1968 Olympics

Brennan Casey and Paul Kleinhans-Schulz decided to use their free time to visit the Olympic Park from the 2000 games, located just outside of Sydney.

Brennan and Paul ventured around the park by taking a look at the stadiums where they held swimming, basketball, field hockey, tennis, and other random events. They got to stand under the Olympic Cauldron, as well, which currently is hoisted up in the middle of the park.

Two things made the trip worthwhile. The first was a private tour that the two received of ANZ Stadium (formerly Telstra Stadium), which is the place where the Opening Ceremonies, track and field events, and Closing Ceremonies were held. They got an exclusive look at the field, pressboxes, suite levels, and learned that it is still currently used for major sporting events and concerts.

The other part of their day that put the whole trip into perspective was the view that they were able to see from the top of a hotel. They were able to get a good overview of the park along with being able to see downtown, including the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

It was a unique experience for them, and every sports fan in the Sydney area has to check this out.

View of the Aquatic Center from the 2000 Olympic Games

Touring the Country

Crikey! Madison Logan and Katie Phares are riding a croc!

"Katie Phares, Stephanie Dantino, Amanda Rodriguez and I had a great trip to Brisbane!  It was short-lived, but wonderful nonetheless.  The main reason we went there was to go to the Australia Zoo (the Steve Irwin Zoo).  It is located in Beerwah, which is about an hour outside of Brisbane.  We booked a charter bus to take us from the airport to the zoo, but our flight arrived late, so we ended up having to take a train once we landed, to Beerwah, and then caught a free shuttle to the zoo.  We were able to ride the bus back into the city at the end of our day though.

"Stephanie and Amanda are animal lovers and hardcore Steve Irwin fans, so it was fulfilling a dream of theirs. :)  We made it just in time to see the crocodile show while we were there, and saw a bunch of native Aussie animals, as well as an INCREDIBLE tiger show.  The guys were playing with them just like they were big household cats - crazy!!  The Africa exhibit was beautiful too - we got to feed an elephant!

"We spent the entire day at the zoo, and then stayed that night in the city in a nice hostel called Aussie Way.  We also ate some really good Mexican food at a place called Cabana's - Mexican food is hard to come by down unda, just sayin! 

"The next morning we went to the Lonepine Koala Sanctuary, which is considered the "World's Finest and Largest Koala Sanctuary since 1927."  They are most famous for letting you hold a koala and getting your picture taken with it - this is kind of a big deal now since this isn't allowed in every state in Australia.  They also had a lot of shows and encounter experiences, such as a Sheepdog Show, a Birds of Prey show, Tasmanian Devil Presentation, etc. and some petting zoo areas where you could feed kangaroo and wallabies.  We took a city bus back to the city and shopped a little bit downtown before we caught our next flight to Cairns!"

- Madison Logan

Left: The group took in a crocodile show
Right: Stephanie Dantino and Amandra Rodriguez meet one of the instructors of the tiger show