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Jessica DuPerow

Jessica DuPerow

Hill Rogers Spencer Steer

Hill Rogers Spencer Steer is a Sydney CBD (Central Business District) based accounting and financial services firm. They are part of an internationally affiliated network of firms and frequently advise on both domestic and international issues. Their clients cover a range of small to large companies, family groups and a number of Australian subsidiaries of overseas-based companies. They provide the complete package of business services to clients including specialist taxation, assurance, superannuation, corporate advisory, financial management and financial planning advice.


Why are you participating in the "Augustana in Australia" program?

I feel studying abroad is a great experience.  Having participated in the London internship program this summer the internship I had provided great experience.  (Plus I'm going to another country where it's their summer and dead of winter here :) ). Having more experience in the working world is sure to help when I get a full time job, even if the cultures and mannerisms are different.

What value do you hope to add back to the internship site?

I hope that I am able to help them with whatever project they may give me and add value to their organization while there.

What do you hope to learn on your internship?

I hope to learn how to use different systems that I can relate back to jobs here.  I hope to acquire good time management skills, and the workings of the working world.

Where do you plan to travel during your term "down under?"

I plan on going to the beach for sure! I also plan to visit New Zealand, and maybe play some trips by ear.  I want to see more of Australia than just Sydney, so I may make some trips throughout Australia as well.

What do you anticipate to be the highlight of your experience "down under?"

Getting to live with Augie students I haven't met before and make friends and just have lots of fun. 

Anything Else?