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What are the 2012 Interns Saying?

Accomodations in Sydney

 "The apartment is amazing and really big. You have air conditioning available or you have doors in your room to open, my roommate and I were warm room sleepers and our other roommates were cold room so it worked out nicely. We had a full size fridge for the four of us and a dishwasher, plus washer and dryer in our apartment. I liked our accomodations, it was a little hard to find room to put our empty suitcases, but we found places to put them."

"The fact that (the rooms) were serviced made our lives so much less complicated."

"It helped having a furnished apartment already set up when we got to Sydney. Because we were living there for 2 months, it definitely helped having a more home feel to where we stayed. I thought the Meriton was a good selection."


Dealing with Questions and Concerns


"Karen and Connie both were always available and extremely helpful throughout the entire process."

 "Karen was always there to answer any questions I had. I felt like I was well prepared for Australia from the class we had to take before going abroad."

"It can be difficult trying to describe a whole new place to people who have never been there before, but I think Karen was able to field a lot of questions and more or less provide some type of answer for most of the questions."

"Karen has done a great job with this program and has always been available to help and answer questions whenever needed. She does a great job of informing students of upcoming events, assignments, requirements, etc. Karen was very helpful in the preparation portion leading into this program. Her insights and experience really helped myself and other students get ready for our two month internships. Aside from answering any questions or concerns the students have had, Karen has done an outstanding job of searching and contacting employers for the best possible internships available for students. Personally, Karen did a great job of reaching out to a Augustana alumni and the current CFO of Brown-Forman, Don Berg, to get me an excellent internship. I don't think I would have had this opportunity with Brown-Forman if it wasn't for Karen. She does a great job with this program and deserves a lot of credit for its success."


Best Experience


"The best aspect of my experience was being able to talk to actual Australian people and listen to their different perspectives on the world."

"The internship itself provided quality, first-hand experience relating to my field. Also just experiencing the Australian culture and geography was incredible!"

"Getting to travel the city and to other cities of Australia.  Just experiencing the nice weather and culture."

"The best aspect was being able to live on my own and experience the real world while still having the safety bubble of the Augie students around me.  It was a safe environment to experience life.  I would not have been able to organize this experience on my own."


Advice for Future Interns

 "Go for it. You may not get another opportunity like it."


" Submerge yourself in the culture to the best of your ability - try new things even if they are outside your normal comfort zone. Make the most out of your time; do not waste any time doing things you could in the states!"

"Do everything you can to go on a study abroad program."

"Plan side trips in advance. It can be really cheap if you research hostels and flights and book in advance. Plus you won't have to worry about it while you want to be having fun traveling or miss out on your trip."



 "The internship experience was an engaging learning experience and Australia is truly an amazing country. Studying abroad has given me a greater appreciation for different cultures as well as my own culture."

"I feel that I learned a great deal from my internship, and I loved being able to live in Australia. It is very hard to understand a country when you are only there for a few weeks, but I was able to learn my way around and actually help others. The work setting is also very different from the U.S. in small ways, but it is good to see how others work and get things done."

"I would definitely recommend this internship program to other Augustana students because this is the opportunity of a lifetime. The living accommodations taken care of by Augustana and CAPA are unreal. The program's staff works very hard to be as helpful as possible, and you would not have that experience if you were traveling by yourself. Aside from the cost, the internship experience is something that will better prepare you for the future and help you grow as a person. The experience you will be able to add to your resume will be awesome, but you will have the opportunity to live on your own, away from your comfort zone, for two months. This is what things will be like once you graduate college and move on with the next chapter of your life. Also, it is summer in Australia and that beats the winter in Illinois any day."

"It was the best two months of my life. My internship started as one that I thought I would just go and have fun at every day, but it gave me a different outlook on what I want to do with my life. The people I met will definitely be friends for the rest of my life. Even the other Augie students I became friends with became my family. This is truly the opportunity of a lifetime."

"The best decision I ever made. I will treasure my time in Sydney for the rest of my life. This is the perfect time to travel and gain a life experience like this."

"It's been a great experience. I LOVED my internship placement; Sydney is a wonderful city. I've been able to travel and have great adventures, meet the people of Sydney and meet and become friends with Augie students I wouldn't have otherwise met."