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Daniel Zagorski

Danny Zagorski Danny Zagorski

Major:  Business Administration

Other Tongues

Other tongues is a new Australian music company comprising national sales and distribution, in-house promotion and marketing, an in-house record label and a touring arm.  The core principle that drives the new company is artist/label development.  Other Tongues provides free in-house publicity services and other support, helping labels and artists progress by freeing up their funds, time and resources to enable them to focus on the creative aspects of their growth.

Danny's pre-trip thoughts

Internship:   Other Tongues.  It is a new record distribution company and record label (concert booking and promotion).

Why are you participating in the Augustana in Australia program?   I have wanted to go on a foreign term since my first year at Augustana.  Traveling to Australia is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

What value do you hope to add back to the internship site?  I will bring my creativity, passion, and experience to Other Tongues.  I have had a past internship in Event Planning at the American Red Cross which will help me be successful.

What do you hope to learn on your internship?   The inner-workings of a record label.  In the future, I want to work as either a label manager or own my own concert venue.  This internship is perfect for learning how to do so.

Where do you plan to travel during your term "down under"?   Definitely the Great Barrier Reef . Also, surf camp, possibly New Zealand, concerts, beaches, the Outback (4X4 trip), sky diving, rock climbing.

What do you anticipate to be the highlight of your experience "down under"?  Hopefully my internship!   I am thinking record release parties and rock stars.  Also, living with my Augustana friends and traveling the country.