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Student Opportunites

Student Research
The following selection of recent research projects provides some idea of the range of topics that students pursue.  

  • Students with Prof Kaul and Hough

    Dr. Carrie Hough and Dr. Adam Kaul meeting with members
    of the Anthropology Club.


    "A Whole New World?: A Comparative Ethnology of Cultural Shifts Among London and Quad Cities Immigrant Communities"
  • "Second Generation Latinas: The Development of Gender Roles, Sexuality and Identity"
  • "Quad Cities' Latino Students: Their Success Falls on Language"
  • "The Agri-Culture of Localvores in the Quad Cities"
  • "Dumpster Divers in the Chicagoland Area"
  • Examining the Negotiation of Capital and the Call for Change in Magnet Theatre in Western Kenya"

Student Anthropology Conference
In the spring of 2009, the Anthropology Program at Augustana College hosted the first of what will become an annual event: a regional anthropology student conference. Anthropology students (and faculty) came to Augustana for the one-day conference from Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. Students from all three colleges presented the results of the ethnographic work that they carried out as part of the senior research projects. In future years, we hope to broaden our presenters to students from other liberal arts colleges in the region.

Augie Choice Opportunities
The Anthropology curriculum at Augustana is designed to not only provide students with the foundational knowledge, methods, and analytical tools of the discipline, but also to apply that knowledge and those skills to the real world. Specifically, in the senior year students are given the opportunity to carry their own ethnographic fieldwork, analyze the data, write up an ethnographic report, and make a public presentation about it. The new "Augie Choice" program ( will provide Anthropology students with many travel opportunities to carry out very interesting and exciting fieldwork for their ethnographic research projects.

National Association of Student Anthropologists
Anthropology students at Augustana College might consider joining the reginal association for anthropologist  or the National Association of Student Anthropologists who organize and host student sections at the national American Anthropology Association meetings every year.