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Outstanding students: Where are they now?

The Accounting Department has had exceptional graduates throughout its history. Each year a student (or two) has stood out above the rest and been awarded the distinction of Outstanding Accounting Student for the year.

Ever wonder what happened to them after they left Augustana? We certainly do.

Below is a list of the awardees for the last 35 years, from 1977 to 2011. If you are on the list, please consider sending us a brief email letting us know what path you have taken. We will publish updates in our future newsletters.

2011 Michael Pease
2010 Matthew Pelton
2009 Jacob Bobbitt
2008 Emily C. Gang
2007 Barbara I. Ruane/Curt D. Hurd
2006 Joshua D. Means
2005 Michael J. Clark/Caleb I. Brainerd
2004 Melissa N. Mundschenk
2003 Jennifer M. Brezinski
2002 Gretchen K. Maher
2001 Shane R. Edwards/Sara M. Carton
2000 Angela G. Selzer
1999 Rhonda J. Tornquist
1998 Robert G. Wujck/Alyson K. Tschopp
1997 Kristin Schaefer
1996 Emily M. Moeller/Marleine D. Davis
1995 Heather A. Mueller/Brock G. Aunan
1994 Jonathan W. Wols
1993 Suzanne M. Wonser
1992 Beth M. Armstrong
1991 Eric W. Schmidt/Lynn A. Lauer
1990 Danielle T. Fenzau
1989 Julie A. Halverson
1988 Kimberly A Ulanski/Douglas S. Keith
1987 Sarah J. Miller
1986 Heidi L. Morlock
1985 William F. Andersen Jr.
1984 Georgi J. Phelps
1983 Suzanne L. Herr
1982 Greg S. Bednar
1981 Timothy L. Schmidt
1980 A. Paul Wilcyznski
1979 Ronald W. Seib
1978 Andrew W. Covey
1977 William H. Thomas