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Domestic Study & Internship Programs


Augustana offers you programs from sea to shining sea.

Whether it's an internship in D.C. or Denver, or a study program that takes you away from it all, Augie is across America.

For some the desire to study in a new location, or to immerse onself in a new experience does not translate into an international experience. With Augustana's domestic programs you can experience a very different pace, style and emphasis of daily living while staying right here in the U.S.A..  Augustana offers internship opportunities across the country, but unique internship programs in Denver and Washington D.C. give you the chance to combine real-world work experience with field-specific coursework.  Our Holden Village Term allows students a chance to step into a quieter world, free from the distractions of our high-tech, fast-paced lifestyle.  Both options are close to home, but far from ordinary.

Winter Term at Holden Village

Spend Winter Term in the Cascade mountains of Washington State on this unique study away program.  A range of courses in different fields are the academic core of a program which combines study with deep reflection and life in community at the Lutheran retreat site of Holden Village.

This program includes 5 weeks on campus and 6 weeks at the Holden Village Lutheran Retreat.  It is open to all majors and typically includes 10 credits of coursework, representing three different academic fields.  Recent programs have included courses in History, Religion, Biology, Communication Studies and English.

Fall or Spring Term Internships in Denver

Spend Fall or Spring Term in the Rockies and earn internship credit for your experience.  Internship positions are available for most majors.  This program includes housing in Denver as well as your work experience.  For more information on internship programs or individual internship opportunities, contact the Career & Internship Office.

This program is offered each fall, with limited options for Spring as well, with applications accepted in January of the prior academic year.

Fall Semester in Washington, DC:

Spend 4 months in the nation's capital in this program combining 3-credits of coursework relavant to our political center and 9 credits of internship in most majors.  Live and work in the nerve center for American political life.  This program includes all of Augustana's Fall Trimester and the first 5-week block of the Winter Trimester. For more info on Internship programs or individual internship opportunities, contact the Career & Internship Office.

This program is offered each fall, with applications accepted in January of the prior academic year.

Texas Medical Center Summer Internships

Work and research in one of the finest medical centers in the United States.  This program takes students to Houston for a hands-on program of research and internship.  The program is open to most majors and recommended for all students interested in careers in the health sciences.  Dr. Heidi Storl is the program coordinator.

Contact Dr. Storl for information regarding application for this program.

Summer Study in the Rocky Mountains for Entering First Year Students

If you are a newly-accepted student who is about to enter your first year at Augustana in the Fall, consider getting a jumpstart on your learning with this one of a kind program.  If you are interested in the outdoors and natural sciences, consider signing up for  Geology 105: Introductory Physical Geology in the Rocky Mountains.This 3-credit lab science course takes place each August.  This program, designed for new students, offers you a two week experiential learning program from the Black Hills of South Dakota to the majesty of the Rockies in Wyoming.

Contact Dr. Jeff Strasser or Dr. Michael Wolf for more information.


Education Immersion Experience at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind

Each spring term, Dr. Deb Bracke (Education) chooses six students to accompany her for a 5-day immersion experience at the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind in St. Augustine. During their placements in special education classrooms, students explore how the methods used to teach students who are deaf and/or blind impact their own understanding of 'best practices' with regard to teaching and learning. The culmination of this experience occurs when participating students present their findings at a National Conference.

Contact Dr. Deb Bracke for more information.

Other Programs

Many departments offer students the chance to participate in short-term and longer field trips and off-campus research.  In particular you might wish to investigate coursework in the fields of Biology, Geography, Geology and Environmental Studies which make use of Augustana field stations and off-campus travel.

For All Programs: 

Eligibility requirements may vary. Applications are open to all current Augustana sophomores, juniors, or seniors in solid academic standing (2.00 GPA minimum, 2.50 for exchanges).  Augie Choice funds are available to students following completion of 60 academic credits (typically first available for the summer after the sophomore year.)  Additionally, some programs permit students to utilize Augie Choice as sophomores.  Program sites are subject to change and may or may not be repeated in future years.