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Opportunities for Grads to Teach Abroad


The decision to spend a year after graduation teaching abroad can be a rewarding one, but it is one which must be entered into carefully.  There are many considerations to any commitment such as this and many options for how you might opt to participate in a teach-abroad program.  Some programs require TOEFL or EFL training, and may charge for certification, some are sponsored by government offices within a country while others are through private providers.  You should consider where you wish to go, what kind of teaching, to what type of students and what are the services and support apparatus of any group you decide to work with.

For basic questions to ask and recommendations to consider, download our TEACH ABROAD GUIDE.   


Augustana Promotes Teach Abroad Programs in Asia

Augustana in China:  Each Winter the Asian Studies Department puts out a call for Augie Seniors who are interested in the opportunity to teach English as a staff member at Central China Normal University.  This program provides recent grads with housing, a stipend and the chance to spend a year in central China teaching either general English or English for majors.  Contact the Asian Studies Deparment for more information.  Applications are typically due in mid December.

JET/AEON in Japan: Each year the renowned Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) program and the AEON program seeks recent graduates to teach English in junior or senior high schools, local government offices or private corporations in Japan.  Augustana has a longstanding tradition of successful applicants for this program and can assist you in your application.  Applications are typically due in mid Fall Term.

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