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Spring Trimester Exchange in Kobe, Japan



Kobe City University of Foreign Studies, located in Kobe, Japan is a school of similar size to Augustana offering a varied program of study to students from across the globe.  As part of an exchange agreement with KCUFS, Augustana students can enroll in a Spring Trimester equivalent program (April-July in Kobe).  On this program students can participate in an intensive Japanese language immersion program.  Students on this program will replace our Spring Term with a Spring Semester in Kobe, taking 9 credits in Japanese. 

Eligibility: This program is open to all majors, however, applicants for this program must anticipate completion of Japanese 102 or higher during the winter term prior to departure. Students must be approved for participation by both Augustana College and KCUFS.  We recommend that interested students speak with Dr. Mari Nagase in the Japanese language program to determine the best option for this  program based on their prior study of Japanese.

Dates: This is a summer semester at KCUFS, paralleling the Spring Term at Augustana but also extending well into the summer break for American universities.  The program runs from April through July each year.  Students must anticipate spending the full 4 months in Japan as part of this program.

Seniors should pay special attention to this calendar, as July exams and possible delays in grades arriving from Kobe to Augustana will lead to all seniors who participate being listed as summer, and potentially Fall, graduates rather than Spring graduates.  This does not impact graduation eligibility but the official graduation date is dependent upon the arrival of final grade reports from Kobe.

Faculty Contact: Dr. Mari Nagase (Japanese, WLLC)

Academics: Students enroll in a 9-credit intensive Japanese program with Augustana equivalent courses.  At the advanced level students (with permission) may combine coursework in Japanese language with other subjects as well.    Find out more about the Japanese Language program at KCUFS at their website:  KCUFS Japanese Language Program.

Students may earn Japanese language credits at one of these levels:

JAPN 290 (9 credits):  Second Level (Intermediate) Japanese: Emphasis on all 4 skills and expansion of Kanji vocabulary.
Available to students who have taken Japanese 101-102 at Augustana or equivalent.  Placement in consulation with Dr. Nagase.

JAPN 390 (9 credits):  Third Level (Advanced) Japanese: Further expansion of Kanji vocabulary, appropriate use of Japanese in various social and contextual situations and study of Japanese culture.  Appropriate for students who have completed 201 and 202 at Augustana or equivalent.  Placement in consultation with Dr. Nagase.

Students on this program, or any exchange, must receive a grade of C or higher in each course in order to receive Augustana credit for the coursework.

Cost:  Augustana students travelling to Kobe pay standard Augustana tuition and fees.  Lodging in Kobe is arranged on site, with assistance of KCUFS.  Students pay Augustana tuition on the standard calendar as if the student was on campus for the Spring Term.

Cost includes: Tuition and fees for Augustana and Kobe City University. 

Cost does not include: Airfare, ground transportation, accomodations, meals, health insurance and discretionary spending.   It is required that all students purchase international health insurance for the duration of their time in Japan.  Students may opt to purchase insurance from Augustana College or independent insurance, such as that provided by the ISIC Explorer international student ID card, a recommended alternative.

Housing: Students at Kobe City University have three housing options:  An international residence hall, an apartment with other students, or a family home stay option.  Each is priced differently and has different benefits and drawbacks.  KCUFS provides information on each option, including costs, and will match students with their preferred housing option.  For more information on housing options, review the materials available on the KCUFS website and Japanese Language Program brochure.

Financial Aid: Students on the Kobe program are eligible for all standard financial aid they would receive were they studying on campus during the Spring Term, with the lone exception of work-study funding, which is not available while in Japan.  Additionally, this program is eligible for Augie Choice, Freistat Language Immersion Grants and IOP Grants.  IOP Grants are competitive and limited in number.

Augie Choice: This program is Augie Choice eligible for students who have completed 6 terms or 60 credits at Augustana prior to departure.  Transfer students who have completed 3 terms or 30 credits at Augustana prior to departure are also eligible for Augie Choice grants.

Freistat Grants:  With all coursework on this program offered in Japanese, students are encouraged to apply for a Freistat Grant for Language Immersion.  This grant can be $2,000 or higher and requires that at least 6 credits of coursework be either language study or courses taught in the host country's language (other than English).  For more information on the Freistat Grant, please visit this website.

Why an exchange program might be right for you?Are you an independent person, willing to challenge yourself in a new educational environment?  Do you want intensive language study, or perhaps you want to really get to know a new part of the world?  Do you want an authentic experience in an international university?  Whether for a term, a semester or a year, exchange programs are perfect for students who want to experience what life and what college is like around the world. 

An exchange lets you go deeper into the host culture than you will if you travel with a large group of Augie students, and it gives you the ability to take classes with native student.Add to this the fact that because you pay Augie tuition, exchange program courses are not transfer credits, and can count towards your graduation requirements. 

Also, in many cases exchange programs represent the least expensive programs available, since you are paying Augustana tuition, room or room & board, rather than paying both for tuition and for program costs of an Augie group program.It takes an adventurous, self-confident and motivated student to truly get the most out of an exchange program, but if you are excited by the idea of living, studying and experiencing another culture without the "Augie bubble", exchanges might be just what you are looking for.