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Science in Society: Switzerland & Germany Short Program

Switzerland & Germany provide the perfect backdrop to study the interaction between culture and science.



Visit the CERN Accelerator, the European Space Agency, the heart of German automobile design, even Einstein's home in Bern.

The Science in Society Learning Community provides students the opportunity to expore some of the most important sites in Europe for technology, innovation, physics, engineering and scientific discovery.  Students will spend Spring term at Augustana studying both the history of physics & engineering in Europe and the representation of science in literature and film as part of this program before embarking on a 3 week tour of Switzerland and southern Germany, where they will visit both the sites of historic discoveries and locations on the cutting edge of design and research today. 

Academics: This is a 6-credit Learning Community comprised of two courses; 

Physics 305 (PP): History of Physics & Engineering in Central Europe (Taught by Dr. J. Dyer)

German 318 (PL, G): Science in Literature & Film.  (Taught by Dr. L. Seidlitz)

Students who participate in this program must enroll for both courses during the Spring Term of 2015 in order to travel with the program to Europe.  

This program is open to all sophomores, juniors and seniors.  It does not require prerequisites in Physics or a knowledge of the German language. All coursework and readings are offered in English. 

Seniors should pay special attention to the timing of this program.  Senior students who need any portion of this coursework in order to complete degree requirements may not graduate in the spring. They must apply as a summer graduate, but can choose to participate in the commencement ceremony if they wish. Contact the Registrar for your questions. 

Cost:  $3,200  Program includes lodging, inter-city transportation, group site visits, health insurance and some group meals.  Price does not include non-group meals, discretionary spending, or airfare.  Round trip airfare to/from Frankfurt, Germany should be purchased by students so as to be in Frankfurt on the date on which the program begins but may schedule so as to have time for independent travel after the program's conclusion.   Augustana is not responsible for student travel beyond the final date of the program and the costs for any such travel are not included in the program fee.

Financial Aid:  As this program does not include tuition charges, only travel expenses, financial aid for the Spring Term cannot be applied to the program costs.  These costs are in addition to the tuition and room/board charges for the term of the program.

This program is Augie Choice eligible for all students who have completed 6 terms or 60 credits (junior status) or higher at the time of departure, including those students completing their 6th term in Spring 2015.  Transfer students who have also completed 3 terms or 30 credits at Augustana, including those completing a 3rd term in Spring 2015, are also eligible for the Augie Choice grant.

Contacts:  For more information on this program, please contact Dr. Dyer (Physics) or Dr. Seidlitz (German)