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Guatemala: Study Childhood in the Developing World (Winter 2013-2014)

Travel to Guatemala as you study Childhood in the Developing World.

The application period for the 2016 program has closed.

To enquire about a late application contact the IOP Director.

This annual program includes a pair of Winter Term Pscyhology courses which focus on Childhood Development and a Spring Break immersion experience in Guatemala.  Course requires permission of instructor and is limited to 20 students. Students on this program will be able to visit several sites in Guatemala related to childhood development and well-being, including educational facilities. 

Faculty Contacts:Dr. Jayne Rose and Dr. Jessica Schultz

Program Cost:  The 2016 Guatemala program has a tentative fee of $1,850.  A final program fee will be made available by December 2014.  The fee includes all ground transportation and accomodation during the 2 week stay in Guatemala as well as medical insurance.  Group flights are arranged separately for an additional charge.  Not included in the program fee are individual meals and discretionary spending.

Financial Aid:  As this program does not include tuition charges, only travel expenses, financial aid for the Spring Term cannot be applied to the program costs.  These costs are in addition to the tuition and room/board charges for the term of the program.

This program is Augie Choice eligible for all students who have completed 6 terms or 60 credits (junior status) or higher at the time of departure.  Transfer students who have also completed 3 terms or 30 credits at Augustana are also eligible for the Augie Choice grant.

Academics:  This program is a 4 credit Learning Community, consisting of 2 courses in Psychology. It is recommended for students majoring in Psychology, Sociology and Elementary Education, but is open to any major.

       Pschology 305: Childhood in the Developing World (3 credits)

       Psychology 306: Serving Children at Risk (1 credit)