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Interdisciplinary Honors Minor

The Interdisciplinary Honors Minor is an opportunity for students to engage in intense, interdisciplinary, connected learning. Future graduate schools and employers will regard this minor as evidence of special academic curiosity and dedication. 

Eligible students must apply and interview for this opportunity. Those who apply, are accepted into and complete the First Year Honors sequence (FYH) are eligible, as are students who attain a B+ or higher after a semester in the First Year Inquiry (FYI) sequences and who respond to an invitation to apply and are accepted.  (Equivalent transfer courses will also be considered.)

The minor consists of four 4-credit courses plus a capstone. Each of the four courses also fulfills certain learning perspectives required to graduate. 

The final capstone may be tied to a student’s Senior Inquiry project in the major if the capstone project is interdisciplinary and approved by the student’s major department. Honors Capstone Proposal Guidelines

The program director is Dr. Megan Havard-Rockwell,


HONR-201 Nature (4 credits; PH)
From environmental studies to philosophical considerations of the cosmos, this course investigates interactions between humans and their physical surroundings. The role of humans in a complicated universe they strive to understand and a world they try to inhabit ethically is the central concern of this course.

HONR-202 Reason (4 credits; REF)
This class examines the role of reason in the history of human intellectual pursuits. The limits of sensory perception, the function of belief in the supernatural, the ability to know with certainty, and the place of religion in modern, science-driven societies are the most salient themes of this course.

HONR-301 Imagination (4 credits; PA,G)
This course examines the lives and works of extraordinary individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds whose creative vision set them apart from their communities.

HONR-302 Society (4 credits; PS,D)
This course examines the notion of common human living, exploring some or all of the following issues: ideal arrangements for human flourishing, methods for conflict reduction, governance, just distribution of resources, educational and legal systems, the interaction between dominant and marginal cultural groups, and analysis of past and future human societies.

HONR 400 Capstone (0-1 credit)
The honors capstone is the culmination of an honors student’s experiences, passions and interdisciplinary line of inquiry. While the format of the capstone can include a paper, social project, creative endeavor or performance, the final result must meet the expectations of the student’s designated capstone advisor, after a proposal has been approved by the HONR 400 instructor. With approval of the student’s major department(s), the capstone will be tied to Senior Inquiry. Capstone proposals undergo a review process before approval. See the link on this page for proposal requirements and deadlines.

See the Honors Capstone Proposal Guidelines

The Interdisciplinary Honors Minor is part of the Austin E. Knowlton Honors Program.